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Brooklyn Girl

You kick so much ass, my dear Jo. I envy your mental state--hardwon though it may be.


I think you'll be good at greetings too. Like greeting your child when you finally get to meet him/her. I can't wait to read that post.
Kim C. (a long time lurker)


Jo. Where do I begin? I can't.

So much of what you write here parallels my own experience; I can't decide whether I'm elated or disoriented or kind of creeped out. By the brown carpet, I mean. You don't creep me out. But I remember my dad's first post-move-out apartment and man, did you nail that.

I think about this "professional leaver" thing a lot these days. A lot. Because it was sooooo easy for me to leave the U.S. behind, and my life there, all my friends, the whole shebang. Because it was a relief. And I love it here in Victoria. Every day I say it out loud. And I don't miss the old place one bit.

And yes, it was the same way with adoption, pretty much. Adoption was just its own thing, except I kept comparing the grilling part of it to the other way of having kids and kind of gnashing my teeth over it. But not because I didn't have any other choices... oh no. I had choices. I didn't have the BIG NO FOREVER diagnosis when it came to biokids either. And we didn't do IVF. But you know all this.

I love you, Jo. I want to stay up all night listening to Echo And The Bunnymen and drinking wine and talking about the ways in which we see things in this world.

If I had known you back before I left, I'd be missing you.


(put the needle on the record)

You fucking rock.


You just...make me smile. Yes you do.


I think this post calls for a little more Talkign Heads

The world was moving
she was right there with it and she was -

The world was moving
she was floatin' above it and she was -

And she was glad about it no doubt about it

Jo, you rock (can you tell I've got a mad internet crush or what?)


The water has indeed been flowing underground, and your water, my dear, runs deeper than most.

Thanks for this great post.

Now, must read this to DH.


Why leave gratitude to the theists? They can't have all the good stuff!
As usual, your post blows me away. Also, once in a lifetime could I be so lucky as to find a friend like you ... xoxox


I was already jealous of you....but you know, I realized this: I get to be like my friend Jo by adopting. So there, world. HA!

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