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When I read Akeeyu's comment last night, I spat chocolate chip cookies all over my keyboard. I was too awestruck to even try my own post after reading that hilarious gem!


I make a motion to vote that the best comment made to a post, ever.


I second that motion....

Brooklyn Girl


Julia S

Awe. Akeeyu, I bow.

And Jo, just to be absolutely clear, is YOUR birthday the 30th of October, because MY birthday is the 30th of October and, um, that makes us THE SAME PERSON, astrologically speaking. Which means we could just keep the one blog and carpool everywhere together and you can just share my trolls.


Did someone ask for me?

I heard my name being called. Oh, is that that queer rocker bisexual freak, Jo? She's HOT, dude.

*Waggling trolly fingers in air, slurping trolly tongue over lips* Hey baby, how about a little late night bingo? I have a nice spot under my bridge you and I can get busy on.......

What? You didn't want this kind of troll? *Harumph*


Damn, ok NOW I am jealous. I wish I'd thought of that. Akeeyu, you're a rockstar.


Agree with the others. I was going to introduce myself as a troll but couldnt think of anything flame-worthy after the genius-that-is-Akeeyu posted. Happy Belated Ms. Polyp. And I love LOVE your blog.


Julia S, we are ONE AND THE SAME. Happy birthday to us!

Dear Troll: I am emailing you privately.

I -- I have to go now.


Hers was my favorite comment as well. I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself.


Akeeyu is GENIUS.

Happy birthday, Miss Leery!

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