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usako (lurker!)

ohhh man. soooo funny. thank you for making me laugh on a dreary tuesday evening :)


Jo, I just love hearing about your ass. Really. (Also want to see the rest of that buttcrack tattoo.) I can comprehend your pain. Gas is awful. I once thought I was going to die after a friend fed me not-well-cooked black bean chili. I ached for DAYS. Gas that bad should merit an epidural.

Here's hoping all your assorted passages are springtime fresh this morning.


Now that's the sort of conversation the social workers should witness. Then they'd know that here are two people who have the most solid, comfortable, happy marriage ever.

My SIL often would remark that she couldn't fart in front of her husband. Like, he forbid it or something. They're divorced now. Surprise.

Hope you eat a bit more judiciously today, Love.


i'm making vegetarian chili tomorrow night. but for the love of mike, thanks to your cautionary tale, i am not putting any beans in it.


WOW! Now that is some evil chili. Bad, naughty EVIL beans.

Anna H.

Oh, that is so HOT!

Hope your ass is better today and that you get with the post you promised -- you are such a tease, missy...


susan freakin kill me. they have this stuff called beano made from an all natural enzyme - really helps out when those, erm, beans are undercooked.

heh a heh heh


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