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Navy bean soup? Jo, have you learned nothing from the horrible gas incident?

And as an aside I saw not one, but TWO man-sized walking penises (peni?...whatever) at the Halloween bash in West Hollywood this year. And it was still VERY early in the night. To give you an image, you can stuff the "sacs" at the bottom of the costume to give yourself varying degrees of, um, jewels. And, of course, the head is at the head. I thought the first one was homemade because it was not that great a costume...then I saw another (which I knew was a different person because they had forgotten to stuff their sac).


Yer so funny! Like Jack Black! We have a picture of him with my husband and I- which is something I kind of have to brag about, because, well we don't meet many celebrities in this neck of the woods. But truth be told, it was quite uncomfortable. We won tickets with backstage passes to a Tenacious D concert...what does one really say to Jack Black when you're standing around backstage? Yeah. It was like that.


"People to Whom My Sister Has Compared Me Favorably

Jack Black
Jon Stewart (but hotter! I disagree. No fire burns brighter than that of Mr. S.)
Joey Tribbiani

Patterns Apparent in Above

none, far as I can tell"

[helpfully] Um, they all start with J?


I would tell people the stains are spooge. It sounds so much more fun and intriguing that way.


I really did laugh out loud at the end there. Damn, girl - you are funny!

Great post.


Would you answer the door in your underpants? Jack would.

I said underpants.


Dammit lady, I wish you were MY coworker.


Oh, Jo. I want to spooge on you so bad.


P.S. I, too, have decided that Jon Stewart is THE ONE.


I would answer the door in Jack Black's underpants.

Jon Stewart will lead us into the coming age of righteousness and beauty. He will be our new God.

That is all.


hahahahaha, v funny post dahling.

although you do think about sex A LOT! Wanna do my husband?


You wanna do me? REALLY? My husband wants to know if he can watch. Yeah, I didn't think you'd mind either.

B. Mare

I like that first article you linked to. "Ferocious flux" is a great phrase. As in the world is in ferocious flux. My life is in ferocious flux. I am flummoxed by the ferocious flux.


lemme just say a couple things here. first of all, i think it's really sick that you wanna do me. we're sisters, for Jon Stewart's sake! second, why don't you make a list of the people to whom I have UNfavorably compared you to? like...well....for instance....
okay fine. so there are none. yet.


Damn Salon. I viewed the ad (yay for Powells) and then couldn't find the article again.


But yay for bean soup, even if I can't eat it.



Dude, you have a GIFT. How are you so funny?


Um, obviously, Gretchen, I didn't mean *you*.

I mean, I just don't find you attractive.


Thank you for the links (good stuff) and for the come-on. You know I would totally do you anytime, even if I am the straightest of straight girls, particularly if we could arrange a threesome with Jon Stewart. Or Jude Law. Either would work.


I would like to do you, also. Consider me RSVPed.

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