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Brooklyn Girl

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jo. Wishing you possibility and hope.


Thanks Jo,

Happy Thanksgiving to you. Blessings today and always.



You're so rad.

Amy in Motown

Dammit, Jo, I am crying again! This Thanksgiving has been bittersweet for me as something fertility related always seems to happen. This year I am waiting for my baby to be born, Oh so sweet...but I wish I could reach back to the sobbing, pain wracked person from last year and give her a hug and tell her the next year will bring change she can't even fathom.

And I am so thankful I stumbled across all these blogs. I could never have made it through without my daily read. And you, wonderful Jo, I can't wait to read about your becoming a mother.


Isn't it sad how sometimes it seems the only way to open the heart fully to oneself is to imagine oneself as a separate person? However it came, I join hands with Jo who looked back at past Jo with love, tenderness and compassion; and I too am grateful for you especially, because you have enriched my life beyond measure. xoxox


I love you so muchly.

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