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I have no friggin' clue.


I feel sick this morning, utterly sick at the prospect of the next four years under a lame duck Bush. What Mollie wrote scares me, because I believe every word.

The bitter, cynical side of me (oh, wait, that would be my whole personality) thinks this just proves what I've always believed: there are way more stupid Americans than ones with a clue. Sometimes democracy can be a dangerous thing.


I'm physically ill and disgusted by "my fellow Americans"


"What the hell do we do now?"

Hey, I have an idea. Let's all grow up.


I feel shame this morning. I cannot fathom what horrible things will take place over the course of the next four years at the hands of the people that the BARE majority have elected. I am stunned by the argument that Bush is the MORAL candidate. A man who claims that hatred and bigotry are godly. Fuck that.

I am soul-sick and I feel betrayed.


I feel shame this morning. I cannot fathom what horrible things will take place over the course of the next four years at the hands of the people that the BARE majority have elected. I am stunned by the argument that Bush is the MORAL candidate. A man who claims that hatred and bigotry are godly. Fuck that.

I am soul-sick and I feel betrayed.


What do we do now? Try practicing some of the tolerance you say is so lacking on the other side. Michele says it more eloquently than I can, so I'll direct you here:

[link removed. because.]


I'm scared by the impending 2nd Bush/Rove presidency as without the need to worry about re-election. It's going to be ugly.

Clinton / Obama ’08 ?

I think the left needs to shift focus and look at what can be done at the state and local level. We should try to win the small races to build momentum. Mobilize and get people out to vote in city elections, take back school boards and so forth. It’s small but it’s a start. I also believe that there should be an effort put in place to start trying to get state initiatives passed to put non-partisan commissions in place to redraw the district boundaries. This is current the case in Iowa, Arizona, Hawaii, Washington, and New Jersey. This is important because when districts are ‘safe’ for either party it becomes all about winning the primary, and in order to win the primary a candidate has to mobilize a smaller number of voters so it moves both parties away from the middle ground to the extreme edges where there are more fanatical folks. If the districts are more balanced an extremist might win the primary but probably wouldn’t win the election. Quite quickly the parties would realize that they need to work toward more moderate candidates.

Just one idea. Check here for a bit more information:


I'm so happy to see this posting, if nothing else so far today -- 'cause I just sent you an email about the same things! I'm as scared as anyone, maybe more so.


Why does expressing our digust and outrage at the way this country is headed always inspire comments about growing up and getting over it and being tolerant? No one is threatening to assassinate Bush (just look who we'd have in charge then) or bomb anyone; we get to have our opinions, however, and we get to express them. Just like you do. Just like we all do here, at least for now.

Kerry apparently told Bush, in his phone call, that it was time to reunite the country. I agree. I hope that somehow over the next four years we can become less divisive, instead of more. But I'm not holding my breath.


Right on, Jen.

"Tolerance" isn't a word that should be said with a sneer. And exhortations to "grow up" always smack of a lack of gravitas; it has the same ring as an eight-grader who goes around pronouncing her classmates "so immaTURE!"

I am disgusted at the hateful, bigoted direction our country is taking. I am outraged at the tremendous loss of life under the auspices of our government, at the climate of fear and the quashing of dissent, at the rapid erosion of our rights, at the wanton destruction of our environment and our health. I am terrified at the thought of how much worse it can get over four more years.

And I stand with half of America.


I am very depressed today. I'm sitting on my couch and eating pumpkin pie and I don't think I'm going to move for the rest of the day. My parents are conservatives. I can only imagine the kind of heckling that will go on once my dad gets home.


Sorry for double posting, but I live in Illinois, and thank the fucking gods for Obama.


I live in Illinois too. And it feels like a very small, very vulnerable island right now. Stop the country. I want to get off.


"Tolerance" is what you practice when you disagree with the choices someone makes, but those choices don't hurt you. Example: "The Bible says that men fucking men is wrong, so I don't like it that Steve is dating Karl, but they're not trying to fuck me so I'll be tolerant." You do not have any obligation to be tolerant of decisions that hurt you or the people you love. Many of us believe that the current administration has put the American people at risk in all kinds of ways: by hurrying us into war, by lowering environmental standards, by regulating our reproductive health care, and so on and so on.

I believe we all have a right to express our opinions, and that we all have a right to put those opinions into action in the polling booth. That's tolerance. But tolerance and belief in those constitutional rights does not mean that I have to agree, or keep quiet my disagreement. Frankly, it's INTOLERANT to go howling "tolerance! Tolerance!" to shut up those who dissent.

Sorry for fanning the flames, Jo, but I'm too pissed off today to stop my typing fingers. Anyone I've pissed off here is welcome to come and rant on my blog. It's a free country, sort of.


I concur with the discussion regarding tolerance. I admit when I saw that post earlier proclaiming that we should "grow up", apparently in reference to our outrage, I was a bit shocked that someone dared to say that here.

Also, I apologize for the double posting before. My Mac is possessed..


i wish i could say something intelligently scathing to those who wish we would be tolerant and grow up. Jo and Summer and everyone else said it all best, but i would like to at least comment.
Grow up? what the fuck about us is not grown up? GAWD!
Tolerant? of what? idiocy? blindness? a loss of rights? of environmental deterioration? i don't want to be hateful and bitter and sad right now, but i can't help it. it saddens me that so many americans thought this was right. it saddens me that anyone could call Bush a "moral" president. i am sickened, i feel hopeless and defeated.
my only reassurance is Clinton/Obama. if i don't set my sights on the distant future, i don't know what to do.
but what will be the state of things by that time?


I feel like this morning has been one heavy sigh after another.

From this gal in Colorado....let me tell you how happy I am that Salazar won. The idea of living in a state that would send PETE COORS to the senate, made me violently ill. Fortunately, the state had enough common sense to not elect him.

Though not enough common sense to go for Kerry. 'Course all of Boulder county's votes still haven't been counted. And now never will be.



Y'know what Mr Oro said this morning? He said, "I hope America gets all the terrorism it can handle" and "Now you're going to know what it's like".

I wish I could bring people who voted for Bush to Europe, or our so-called ally, Britain, so they could understand what it feels like to live in a world where the US is hated, feared, and dismissed. Europeans fail to understand exactly how big the US is, that change comes from the bottom up, and Americans fail to understand exactly how large the world is, and sometimes I think that never the twain shall meet. The worst part is that for many Europeans, the anti-Americanism is something they don't even think about. Mr Oro would never admit to being anti-American, after all, he's married to me...yet he refuses to even consider moving to the US, which means I'll have a huge decision to make come the future, because I don't want to die in this country. I may live here, but Britain is not my home.

So, in answer to your question, we wait. We do our best to support our local candidates. We do our best to work and support candidates for the next Federal election.

Gods help us.

Amy in Motown

The "moral issues" tag Bush has claimed is what pisses me off. How is it moral to enshrine bigotry in our state constitution? (I live in one of those 11 states). How is it moral to claim to be pro-life but committ our troops to a war under false pretenses? If you believe life begin at conception, you damn well better not believe it ends at birth and then you're on your own. How can it be moral to not even consider the possiblity you may have been wrong?

Ugh. I am ready to just cry and pretty much thinking about hiding under my covers for the rest of the day.


It's a sad, sad day.

In happier news, I did score a 76 on my canadian citizenship eligibility test...Of course, I'll never convince my hubby to move, so it's moot.

But as to why the Repugnant-kins keep winning, it's so, so simple. Karl Rove's strategy (and really, the GOP strategy since the 70's) has been to consolidate the Southern, rural and religious vote--the old "Solid South" that used to go for the Democrats before Civil Rights. It's obviously been successful. With that, and the votes of those who only care about their pocketbook, they can get a slim majority, and that is all they need.

That said, if you think a Clinton/Obama ticket has an icicle's chance in hell of winning anytime in the next 20 or 30 years, you're nuts. The Dems will never again win an election without doing the following:

Let the gun control issue die. We've gotten as far as we can with that and it simply alienates too many people in rural states--clearly, the last two elections have shown that the Dems can't win an election with only the urban vote.

Find some compromise position on abortion. It's killing us--we can't get anything done as long as it remains such a divisive issue.

Find a charismatic Southerner to run for president who can win back some of those southern votes. Fortunately, I think we have the guy for the job, and his name is John Edwards.


I find it highly INTOLERANT to leave a snarky comment on someone's blog because you disagree with her opinion. Tolerance is what Jo practices when she allows those comments here. Good for you Jo.

If not for the internet community I've come to love, I would feel so hopeless today that I just don't know what I'd do. I'm so thankful for the freedom to express myself. Hear that, Heather and Lisa? FREEDOM.

It's a sad sad day for our country. I feel lost. I feel like my only option now is to focus in real close on my own life, and try to live it as best as I can. Not to say that I will ignore the doings of this insidious administration for the next four years - hardly - just that I need to concentrate real real hard on the small everyday pleasures.

A sentiment I hear often in this community is "the only way out is through." Well that's the point we're at now. I can only hope that these four years do not progress as I fear they will.

I stand with your half too, Jo.


Oh, but look on the bright side, Jo! You got your birthday wish!

Brooklyn Girl

"'Tolerance'" isn't a word that should be said with a sneer."

Damn straight.


I WISH I had the answers to those questions. I am just as confused as the rest. None of this makes any sense. Why are we doing this to ourselves??
I just can't stand that damn smug face of his! I can't stand it!!

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