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You are moving away from Boston? Nooo. I am moving there in the spring and was seriously looking forward to knowing I was living in the same metro area as the Leery Polyp.

But congrats on the Library School thing, very exciting. I am coming to Boston to bcome an acupuncturist. And because its my home town and I can no longer deny its pull.

Brooklyn Girl

Hey--That's cool. I thought about Li-Berry school myself, but I'm so test averse that I only considered schools that did not require GREs. They're out there.


Ah, if ONLY I lived in Boston. Then I could have been done at Simmons by now. No, I am at a place far less cool than Boston, sadly. But you go ahead. Enjoy it!

But. I am the opposite of test-averse, Brooklyn Girl! It is my main skill! I enjoy it! In fact I will take your tests for you! And thank you for it!

Do -- do you have any tests?


Aha!! I saw you sneak EADs into your troll post and wondered if there was a li-berry in your future.


I really don't anticipate a lot of rowdy hootenannies once we've got, you know, a kid.
Ahhh, but I live in that hereafter and lemme tell you: there's whacky crocheting ... and bridge ... and sometimes? there's highballs! Just kidding about the last one. heh.


rowdy hootenannies. heh. you kill me.

Brooklyn Girl

Jo--I find the news of your test prowess somewhat shocking. But I still want to be your friend. And I have these teacher certification tests coming up (big room, number # 2 pencils, the whole thing) so maybe we could work something out....


Oooh Jo, library school? Cool. This'll be another thing that we have in common. Check with your school of choice and see if they'll accept MAT scores instead of GREs (much more enjoyable in my opinion), and try to schedule the exam with an especially bitchy test supervisor while you're getting over a raging case of UTI. Uh, then again ... I guess you don't have to do everything the way I did it.

I bet you'll make a fab Library and Information Specialist!


Hi Jo, I believe I'm a first-time poster.

I've been looking at a Library Sciences Master's degree as well, and there are ALA-accredited schools that do not require GREs (I'm thinking specifically of the University of Wisconsin-Madison). If they did require GREs, I'd be a lot less excited about applying.

Good luck!

Anna H.

Li-berry school! Cool!

Grad school with baby on the way? Sounds like heaven to me... keep us posted on how this all plays out.



Yay for library school! Librarians RAWK! Where, where? Please tell me! I have inside info on at least 4 of the accredited ones. Plus, it's just COOL!

GREs are not actually that bad. Get a good review book and bone up on basic algebra stuff and grammar. And thank heavens you don't have to take a subject GRE.


Yes, please tell us where. We promise not to stalk you through library school (Unless of course you want stalkers). And from previous comments it looks like we can give you the dirt on ALA accredited programs. My own "dirt" is 12 years old--but I went to the U of I and while I hated every living minute of library school it was so worth it. Ok so maybe it isn't a ringing endorsement but other people like the U of I, which helps when job hunting.


There can be a bit of a frenzied feeling about filling the thumb-twiddling parts of adoption. Not that you are frenzied. I was. I took on a bunch of stuff to do so I wouldn't be inordinately focused on the fact that a baby was coming but I had no control over the timing of the arrival, nor was there a forseeable end to the wait, like there is in pregnancy. I mean, 10 months and the ride kind of has to be over, on that trolley system. No, I felt like my trolley was going to roll forfuckingever so I took up ten hobbies and started a business and blah blah. Then the baby came (finalfuckingly) and I was delighted to cut bait on all of my activities outside of wee tot, at least for a while. I hope whatever endeavors you undertake in these days of waiting leave you some flex once the wait for the kid turns into waiting hand and foot on the kid.

Oh, and I LOVE tests, too. My favourite part of school, always.

Here's a question I remember from my health class final exam, in 11th grade.

What are the symptoms of venereal disease?

a. fever
b. blisters
c. pussy discharge
d. all of the above

Pussy discharge! Oh, man, I laughed long and hearty during that exam.

Best of luck on GRE and liberrying. And libating!


Did you know they got rid of the analytical section on the GRE and replaced it with writing? The analytical section was the fun part!

My second start at grad school coincided exactly with my start in infertility treatment. School is much more fun when you know you have something more exciting on the cooker.


Christine, I agree about the analytical part. So much fun, and so easy to coach test-prep students to get much higher scores. But the analytical writing section is super-simple, so at least the good section wasn't replaced by anything actually hard.

I think the GRe is actually easier than the SAT. Unless you have to take a subject test, as Jen said.


Wow! Me too!! I'm a fabulous test taker, in fact, this is how I keep a high GPA in school. I'm also going to get my MLIS from the Univ. of OK, which, by the way, does not require a GRE score, even though they endorse it. Librarians of the world UNITE!!


I haven’t been by for a while so on the topic of li-berry school:

-I’m having mixed feeling about the profession at the moment, but I loved li-berry school. Beware – if your husband is like my husband he will expect all kinds of help doing his research even if you make him take a core li-berry school class. I learned so much in library school that I wish I had known as an undergraduate (those history papers would have been soooo much better) so even if I don’t stick with being a librarian I know I’ve gained a lot. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

-with your experience in archives have you considered a program that has a strong archives/preservation component? I was particularly interested in special collections & archives and now my library has been flooded (if you want take a look <>) so I’m getting A LOT of experience with disaster response, mold, paper conservation, and other fun issues. Ah good times! (beats the hell out of Government Documents processing)

-and don’t worry about those pesky GREs, I was brain dead after taking them but all in all it wasn’t too painful and with all your experience with applications – it will be a breeze!


I did an archives and special collections concentration in library school and it actually ended up being what I stayed with, after stints as a public library-reference librarian and a elementary media specialist (they don't have "school librarians" any more, you know). It was also a ton of fun while I was in school, and it really cuts down on the people you have to talk to in your job, which was a big plus for me. Nobody asking me when the newest Danielle Steele is due out or what the shortest book we have is for a book report due the next day.

Ok, that's my unwarranted .02.


I like all the pennies you-all chip in. I am totally saving up for some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups anyway. But seriously, it's good. The more I hear on the subject the better.

I am limited by geography and circumstance to 1 (one) school, which has an "archiving sequence," which is gonna have to do for now. I loves me some preservation too, though, and will have to hunt down ways to learn more on that topic. So archives it is! Huzzah!

Also, it turns out that I may not need to take the GREs after all -- that need is predicated on college GPA, and I just squeak by. So we shall see.


Ummm kay, so like I was going to include picks from my library’s disaster in my last post but obviously I suffering from lack of caffeine, lack of sleep, and distracted by all the fun I’m having dealing with a real life library disaster. Now don’t get me wrong I’m really sorry about the total loss of materials (about 90% of the books in my collection, 55% of the sheet maps, and thankfully only 25% of our aerial photos) but what I’ve been doing for the past week has been so much more exciting than answering questions about government documents. On a library school/archives note – BYU Provo has “loaned” us their paper conservator who has come to help our preservations department – how I wish my library school had more classes on preservation but now I’m getting hands on training.


Ok, I'm coming back from vacation and catching up, so I'm chiming in again late on this discussion, but yayyyyyy archives. Unless you want to make a lot of money, in which case you are screwed. But archives is(are?) amazing. During one of my internships I got to create a finding aid for a bunch of letters which encompassed a torrid extramarital affair between an intinerant musician and a Charleston deb in the 1920s. It was awesome.

Plus there is a disproportionate number, I have found, of gay men in the archiving profession, which makes it extra-fabulous!


I just discovered this blog. You have a wonderful "voice." You would be an excellent addition to the field of liberrianship.

Many men have a hot librarian fantasy!

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