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>Something good will happen, one way or the other.<



Well, Jo - what you wanted was to start a family and you are certainly doing that! heh. You may end up with a new born and a 10 month old in the next year sometime. I hope you guys took a helluva vacation already!! If not - get on it now! Before the morning sickness kicks in. PS. I've read that morning sickness occurs more often with girls - something about the chemicals in the body, etc. So if you're having a boy, you may not have any morning sickness in which case, you can go take a kick ass vaca now and still fit into a bikini. Run, don't walk to your nearest travel agency!


...but right now this, my own pregnancy, feels like the more dangerous path, fraught with peril and uncertainty.

Exactly. Jo, I could have written this a year ago. In fact, maybe I did! I'll have to check. Not that I am accusing you of plagiarism; no, just soul-matedness.

I love you, strong girl.


None of my business, of course, but are you still going forward with the adoption? There are a number of families in my immediate circle whose families include biological and adoptive children of similar ages, so I know that one doesn't preclude the other. Just curious to know if you'll do the same.


Ah, you're so right either way motherhood is coming to you.


You know what, Jo? You're the coolest person I've never met. Jo Cool. Keep breathing, babe. Something good WILL happen, one way or the other. Love to you, my friend.


I like it. SGWH.


I love that--someting good will happen. Your motherhood dreams are coming true--somehow, not maybe. Excellent.



After one planned and uneventful pregnancy and delivery, we started trying for another after about 2 years. Nothing was happening, then a miscarriage. While trying to get pregnant with a second child and dragging on with no luck for a couple more years.....we decided adoption was our best option. We started proceedings in July of that year, waiting for a due date of December. Well somehow we got pregnant in August. Not wanting to give up on the adopted child we were expecting, we went on with our plans. We had a wonderful son in December followed by a wonderful daughter I gave birth to in May. My two children were four and a half months apart, and the best decision we ever made. It was rough at times, like twins would be, but wonderful too. Whether you adopt or give birth, use a surrogate, however God brings that child into your life, you are blessed. My son brings me joy every day. He is grown now, we have met his birthmother. She was young, and couldn't keep him as she had no support from her parents. She is a good friend to him now. But I'm his Mom! I can't say enough good things about our experience. I wish you the best of luck. Don't give up on adoption, it's sure worked well for us.


Jo you're so right, good things are headed your way no matter the path they took to get to you.


I don't know about your agency, but my agency's policy was crystal clear: we don't place babies with pregnant ladies.

In fact, George and I, who felt we had about a zero chance of getting pregnant, still used birth control once we started the adoption process, so clear was my agency about absolutely disqualifying pregnant parents.

I think the reasoning was based on the idea that it is indeed overwhelming to have two babies at once, and in the interests of the child who would be placed, the parents should be as long on resources as possible. The agency advocates for the child, not the would-be parents. And my agency felt is was definitely a detriment to have a bio kid stealing the thunder, and the resources.

One woman in my group of waiting parents (we were all slated to travel to Vietnam together) got pregnant and had her baby. She mourned the loss of her Vietnamese child deeply. I know I would have, too. When you are forced out of the adoption pool, it feels just as awful as a miscarriage. Even if there is another baby on the way. Hard to explain, but there it is. It happened to me later on, when we started the process to adopt our second. I got pregnant, so we pulled out, then I miscarried, and I didn't have the strength to re-apply. A double loss.

So I understand the precarious place you are in, Jo. Mum's the word until viability, as far as I'm concerned, if your heart can take it.


Hang in there Jo.


Just stopping in to say hello and to congratulate you on your recent nomination at the BoB Weblog Awards 2004.


I feel exactly the same way. Exactly.

usako (lurker!)



love, love, love to you. I've been thinking about you and Sean constantly. XOXOXO


Hey, that's pworeful. Thanks for the news.

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