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Oh, me too, Jo, for your sake.

I know of which you speak. I so do.

And I love you.

lobster girl

I'm sorry, Jo. It must be hell not knowing what the next days or weeks will bring. I hope you find answers, good ones, soon.


So many of us know how bad the waiting is and we're right there with you, in spirit if nothing else. I know what you mean about wanting to know one way or another though. I'll be following your journey, Jo. We'll all be.

Anna H.

Yep, me too, Jo. I'm so glad, though, that Hope is hanging out somewhere over at your house...

We're all here with you no matter how this plays out.



Limbo is the worst. I am sorry about the roller coaster. Thinking of you.


Well. I'm just thinking of you.


Ugh. Well, Tom Petty did warn us about the hardest part. Shut up, Tom Petty. You too, waiting.

Thinking of you.


Just to be anecdotal... both of my viable pgs started out with progesterone around 11. I took supplements... but the low prog does not necessarily mean a non viable pg. Keep up hope.


I just want to agree with Bren. My initial Prog level was 13 and had to go on supplements until I was 11 weeks. I haven't dealt with infertility but have dealt with pregnancy loss and have experienced the feelings of emptiness and sometimes craziness uncertainty can bring. My thoughts are with you.


Well, if you expect the worst, you'll never be disappointed, and you'll occasionally be pleasantly surprised. Can you tell I'm a pessimist? :-)


On the same page as Bren and Happy, my initial progesterone was 10.2. My doc's office said anything over 10 was good but, in the interest of doing anything we could to make this pg last, put me on 100mg prometrium nightly until the end of my first trimester (a few weeks left to go). So the low prog may not be indicative of bad goings on...but I completely understand the negative thinking. I do it myself regularly.


I am so with you, I hate crying with my pants off and an inserted wand. The only time I didn't ask my DH to go with me to an u/s was when they diagnosed my ectopic after probing me for 2 hours (not kidding, 2 hours). I really hope your intuition is off by a mile this time.


I've never done uncertainty well, regardless of the issue at hand. Not my strong suit. And, in a situation like this it's almost intolerable. Doesn't really sound like you're looking for us to provide information/anecdotes that could cause Hope to come back full force right now...there's lots out there, but you know that. You know we're all pulling for you regardless of what happens. So in the meantime I'll just wish you speedy, speedy waiting.


wishing and hoping for you.


holding my breath for you


I'm wishing and hoping for you.


When you reach a certain point along this mucky, heartbreaking path, you just don't have any hope left in you. You just don't. It hurts too much. That is when your friends/cyber-pals hold out the hope for you. Although I know from experience, even that can still hurt. So all I will say, is I'm thinking of you, and will be checking your blog obsessively.


oh jo my love ... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


I hate these gray situations. They just aren't fair. Somehow, when you reach the point where things work out for the worst more often than not, even when things objectively look more certain, they feel like gray areas. I'm hoping for a clear answer for you soon.

gretchen i fucked up that i'm still just really effing happy you're going to have a baby soon, some way or another? because you are.

Carrie Jo

Aw fuck this sucks. I hope you can find some more good ways to keep your mind occupied until you get your answers. I wish I could think of something helpful or witty to say but I can't, so I'll just tell you my thoughts are with you.

Just A Lurker

I'm just a lurker. I don't suffer from infertility but my sister does so I'm reading some blogs to try understand what she's going through. Anyway, I have 2 children and am pregnant with #3. All of my pregnancies started with low progesterone. #1 = 12, #2 = 11 and #3 = 14. I was on Prometrium during the first trimester. #1 and #2 are here and #3 is due in about 15 weeks now. So 15.7 is not hopeless. I'm crossing my fingers for you!


I hope you get an answer soon.


*Lurker Alert*

Since I just got off of that uncertain rollercoaster ride- I agree with you, it fucking sucks. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this, but I hope your intuition is off.


yet another lurker...after 2 years of IF, dealing w/ PCOS & endo, one ectopic, 1 m/c, 2 chemicals, 2 surgeries, and 25 additional pounds added on, I finally conceived w/ just initial beta was 25.5 and my progesterone was 11.5...i'm due in 26 IS possible and i am crossing everything i have for you!!

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