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Holy shit! I wasn't expecting that! Just like I wasn't expecting the 2 lines that were staring back at me this am too. I'm right there with's to hoping that it works this time for both of us, but not really expecting too much. Good luck with the adoption!

lobster girl

Um, wow! I can see why you don't feel like getting too worked up about this. What with the miscarriages and the fact that your heart is firmly tied to those adoption papers. Still, what a lovely surprise, and wouldn't it be a nice change of pace if nothing physically traumatic happened?


Er, Congratulations?



I don't know what else to say! Just JO!
Oh, and I love you.


Between Julie, grrl and you, my heart is having a palpitating few days... I'll just go and get the cup of tea with lots of sugar now I think....


Holy double lines! I! Am! Just! Flabber! Gasted!

Clearly this calls for more cookies.


Whaaaa? I totally didn't see that one coming. Am I allowed to be hopeful for you? Please? If I send cookies?

And if you ever want me to do the full-on Catholic prayers and candle-lighting thing, you just say the word. Until then, I'll just keep hoping quietly over here in my corner.


but won't it be so cunkin' funny if you stay pregnant and then that dumb ho from your party and a bunch of other just-trying-say-something-wise people were right!? in yo face, jo!


No shit! What is WRONG with you people and your crazy newsy posts?

Cookies for me too, please. And booze.


Um, all prayers/pleas/candle-lighting/chicken-bone-shaking activities are MOST welcome around these parts. Do it up, yo.

About those cookies...


Wow, no such thing as a slow news week in these parts. Many good thoughts, tons of prayers, and all of my fingers are crossed for you.


Shut. Up.
And Oh. My. God.
And congratulations!

And I'm working on a new theory about all of this good news in blogworld lately. It's something along the lines of women who spend a lot of time together getting their periods at the same time each month. And I'm hoping that since I've been spending so much time with you lot lately, it rubs off on ME and all the rest of us.

Keep us updated and good luck!



Um, wow.

I'm speechless.


What a beautiful start to December. I'm so thrilled for you! :-) All my best wishes and I will be thinking positive thoughts for you every day.


Wow, I was gonna comment about Raising Arizona, one of my very favoritest flicks that I couldn't even watch for the first couple years of my SIF. But, golly gee, you've struck a 2nd line. It'd be cool if you were Raising New Jersey.


Oh, my fucking God! What the hell is going on around here lately???

All these good things happening? Amazing. Totally amazing.


getting the chicken bones. and a maple long john.


Wow! I've been alseep at the blogsphere for so long and now all this good news. I hope this pregnancy works. I hope. I hope. I hope. But whether it works or not, you do know 100% where your heart is. That right there makes me cry happy tears for you.

Amy in Motown

Jo, I didn't think my surprise two lines had the slightest chance of developing into a baby. Adoption, that was it, and it broke my heart a little bit to have to let that go when it this pregnancy proved a keeper. Instead of having the happy OMG!!!BFP!!! reaction I always thought I'd have, I was a wreck.

I am getting induced Monday if I don't go into labor before then. If this is proof of anything it's that God has an active and quite frankly rather strange sense of humor. If I can be of any help to you, you know where to find me.


Goodness gracious. Oy. Golly. Wow. I can't imagine that there is a right thing to say at this point, but you are in my thoughts.



I will go catch the chicken that is lurking about our yard and shake it for you (since we don't eat meat, you're going to have to settle for the whole live bird instead of just the bones).


See? You started adopting, and BAM! And all you had to do was relax!

Just kidding.

Congratulations, Jo. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.


WTF is going on around here? I complain thanksgiving makes you all boring and you, Julie and Grrl haul out all the stops to entertain me.

Well fucking done Jo. Lets hope the little critter does stick around for another 8 months or so.

Am in total shock here. Pass me those fucking cookies. NOW.


Kate stole my answer!

Holy crap! Holy crap! Congratulations?


Well that was unexpected.

And here I thought the UTIs were from all the White Russians you'd been drinking (all that alcohol and sugar, you know).

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