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Ooo, first to comment! I'm thrilled to read your news -- and to read that the little sea monkey has implanted in the right place. My sympathy for your itchy crotch, however.



Have been hoping hard for you!


I had an u/s at 5 weeks and some days because I was spotting, and they saw a gestational sac and a "probable" yolk sac, and no fetal pole. I'll pick her up from daycare in a half-hour, so things turned out really well. I think your u/s report sounds FANFRICKINTASTIC.


Bond Girl

What wonderful news!


Delurking to say what wonderful news..

As for that nasty problem you have in your nether regions.. *insert embarassed smiley* wrapping a "garlic clove" in cheese cloth, and umm inserting it, will fix you right up.


I think I clicked here about 25 times today, I was that eager for this news. And yay! Yolk sac! Yay! Intrauterine! Kick ass!

So, how do you think Dr. Sweetybooty feels right now? He put all that effort into getting you pregnant, and as soon as you kiss him goodbye your husband knocks you up.

Sorry about the itchy netherlies. My grandmother once told me that she would slap some plain yogurt on her girl parts to deal with that problem, and I was all "Grandma! No! TOO MUCH INFORMATION, Grandma!", but I offer this info up to you in case you want to investigate a Stonyfield Farm Organic intervention.

Sea monkey! I'm so happy.


O, that's great news, Jo. Yay!


De-lurking to say I'm ab-so-freakin-lutely thrilled for you!!!


Now I can do a little dance! Yeah! I knew the penguin sacrifice would help!


I am so FREAKIN glad to see your post. I was developing carpel-tunel (or however that's spelled), as I'm sure you may be if you don't get that itching under control!

Damn, I'm glad to hear your sea monkey is playing nice for the time being.

The 20th?! You may be patient, but I am the furthest from it! Crap.

In the meantime, I'm glad your still clinically knocked up.

The Barrenness

Congratulations! Sorry about those beastly yeasties (now I feel guilty about writing about yeast infections the other day).


Those are great results when you aren't even 6 weeks yet! Continued good thoughts for you and the brine shrimp.

Brooklyn Girl

Oh, hooray! Many, many congrats. Hope the 20th arrives post haste.


Wonderful news my dear!!!


Would that be a peeled garlic clove?


Woohoo! That is awesomely wonderful news! Yolk sacs ... who knew such things could bring so much excitement. =) And I am in 100% agreement with Julia ... YOU might be calm until the 20th, but I'm going to be going crazy in anticipation until then.


Oh God that's good. I'm scheduled for the 20th also. It seems like forever. Sorry don't want to project my impatience onto you. That's a really perfect ultrasound for that date.


Uh-oh... I sense there will be boric acid in the whoopie soon.

As for the other news: Jo, you cliché, you.

Love to you and the pole and the sac and the moment.



I'm just taking all of the good news in there and saying yayyyyy!!!!


Yolk sac in the ute! Whoopee. Ok, now what do I do with myself until the 20th?



Jo, what tremendous news!


Keeping fingers crossed for more good news on the 20th.


I should note that boric acid is deemed unsafe for use in pregnancy. Mollie, you will be delighted to learn that I will not be inserting my customary Whoopee Pucker Pills this time.

In addition: last time I did the garlic thing, I swear to you, I had garlic breath within an hour. In my actual mouth, I mean. It was a miracle along the lines of, oh, transubstantiation or something. And it invites a *lot* of crude speculation.


I'm thrilled for you. Keep the good news coming.


Congratulations! That is very good news!


There's a joke in there about a pole dance somewhere.

Inserting an acidopholus tablet or two in there before you go to bed will fix you right up, with no garlic breath.

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