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I shall be the first ass to say: Hoooray!!

The Good Rachel

Umm....HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! Now THAT'S a number!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Strapping in for the ride!

teeny tiny congrats.......


Oh my. Wonderful news. Wishing you more to come.


The Good Rachel stole my exact quote: HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! I love Mozart. I love this number. You need your own achronim, methinks. Or maybe you can borrow grrl's?

Christine K

That's fantastic!!!!! I'll be hoping for good things for you on Friday!

I totally understand your reluctance to hope in the last post. I'm a little over 8 weeks right now after five straight m/c since my son was born in April 2002 (and two m/c before him). The last one was an ectopic. I've been scanned weekly - first looking for ectopic but saw twins, then looking for heartbeats (just one), then because my progesterone plummetted, then routinely at 8 weeks. Every week people who know about this (because I need sitters for the little guy) call to see how I'm doing and my response is usually "Well, still pregnant". They're all getting so frustrated since they don't see how I can be so guarded. But... well, you know.

My current mantra is "so far so good". Hope you can say the same!

Christine K


Stay in the moment, dear Jo. I know you will.

Love you.


Wow. Wow. Wow. That is one hell of a start, and Friday's not long off. Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm delighted for you.


Now there's a good number to start with....that's wonderful news. Congratulations.


AWESOME!!! I'm thrilled.


Sweet Jesus! That's great. (In my head I singing "told-ya-so"; but only in my head since I was too scared to say it out loud to you in the first place.)

Do you have any other entertainment plans to keep you sane in the meantime?


Whoooooopeee! Good news--so glad of it.


Wishing you everything safe and healthy and wonderful.


Dulurking to say:

But...but...that's WONDERFUL! That's amazing! Wow.

Looking forward to Friday's post, and wishing I could get that IVF calculator to tell me what the new doubling time is....


Holy crap!!! I'm so happy for you! And I can't wait for Friday's post either....

lobster girl

Oh wow, that's fabulous. That's a damn good number. It's getting better and better!


What a pretty number! An auspicious beginning, if ever I saw one.

To quote getupgrrl, nothing bad has happened yet.


Wow. Just wow.


Wow! Looks like rocking out to the Pixies was a good thing for both mind and beta.


That darn beta keeps going up and up, and so sensibly, wtf is going on here?


I agree with Anne - it must have been the concert (I bet even Mozart would have like the Pixies). I am so happy for the good news and the good start.

Dead Bug

And the year St. Patrick's Day was first celebrated in NYC. While I don't expect a parade, I will still raise a pint of ale in your honor. Since you can't and all, what with the being totally fucking pregnant.



Yay! Fingers crossed for Friday.


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! My fingers are crossed for you still. Hurry up and get here, Friday!

Anna H.

Weeeeee is right!

Wonderful news!


Julia S


Way to, um, hold on, um, quadruple? No that's not it... math is HARD...

Anyway that is a nice looking number my friend. Veddy nice indeed.

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