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waiting plain sucks. perhaps they can check your progesterone at 2nd beta? will be thinking of you & remember despite your best digging efforts, NBHHY.


Hey - Jo -don't be down about that blood. See my post at where I've quoted a great book on exactly what's happening all along. Apparently on or around day 7 the little guy starts burrowing into a mass of bloody tissue trying to get a good grip on things. Spotting is to be expected!!!This is all good news!!! Can I just use a few more exclamation points?!?!?!!!!


Oh yeah -I had also wanted to say that my RE put me on 100 mg of progesterone twice a day...not sure what they hope to accomplish with just one shot but honey - I am positively ancient compared to you so maybe you simply don't need it.

I just have to say it again - congrats girl! You are on your way!


Susan -- I'm on 200 mg of the progesterone twice a day, so thpbpbpbpbptt, I WIN!

Um. Or something.


You know, I want to say "it's all right, spotting is common," blah blah blah. But I know you already know all that, and I know it means nothing. So I'm just hoping/wishing/burning offerings - it's all we can do.


Woa Nelly! Totally behind on my blogs. Did hear you hear the sound of my hand slapping my forehead or was it muffled by my stunned exhalation, "Well fuck me, there's hope."


I'm not sure if you are comfortable taking herbs or if this is right for you but I found Crampbark tincture to be very helpful during my cramping and bleeding episodes during Kai's pregnancy. I took it in a little OJ a few times a day. I also took more Vitamin E and some Cayenne capsules. I can talk more about that if you want.

I second getting your progesterone level checked.

Thinking of you. (((((Jo))))))


thpbpbpbpbptt, yourself, Ho. Ok, you DO win because, unlike me, you actually have boarded the Luxury Two-Liner, the finest cruise ship ever built. Destination: Motherhood. Send me a postcard, woulja?


Jo, first of all, quit digging around in there.
Second, I'm thinking about you and wishing and praying and sending vibes...hell, I'll even send sticky thoughts and baby dust if it will help.


hey - I just sent you a private email but realized that it probably comes up looking like spam. It'll say from S S with Jo, Jo, Jo in the subject so don't delete it. It's full of mysticism and karmic jelly so if you do, the turds of a thousand dragonflies will fall upon your head.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Fingers crossed. Good luck tomorrow!



Sending lots of good vibes your way. Wishing you the best.


Came out of lurking to say...

Fuck yeah!


God, I hate baby dust, but if it'll work I'll throw a whole fucking dump truck on your head!

I'm thinking of you.


well regardless of this situation, you'll have a child very soon. that's still what excites ME the most.


Wow! Good vibes on the way.


Holy shit, girl. Whoa. Crossing all my parts for you (working on the boobs).


Carrie Jo

The IF blogosphere is conspiring to drive me absolutly crazy!!! I can't wait until tomorrow for your and grrl's news, or Julie's for that matter. Aaaauuuggghhh. I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Julia S


Well THIS is interesting.

I am, as always, wishing for the very very best of everything for you.


Well, shut UP! Miss a day and miss a lot! You know you are totally a cliche now, right?


I am going to sacrifice some Trolls to the gods in your honor.

Tomorrow is going to be a verrrry exciting and tense day in blogland waiting to hear from you, Grrl, and Julie!


I hope this goes the way that'll be best for your family.

Just so you know, I had spotting/bleeding for 3-4 weeks with cramping at the beginning with El Chico. At one point I was even sure that I had miscarried because of the amount of blood, tissue, and cramping. The truth is not known by the toilet paper--it's known by the beta and the ultrasound.

Sweet Coalminer

Happy happy joy joy!!

As I was told in acupuncture, it's very important to lie down all the time and not go to crowded malls because it could fall out... And yes, I paid for that advice.

Anyway, happy for you, and hoping.


Oh Jo. I'm praying for your child to take the route to you & Sean that involves as much speed, and as little heartache, as possible.

Does that cover it?


Lookie, lookie...I go away for a nanosecond, and you get yourself knocked up.

Hoping with all my might...

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