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delurking and loving the birth story. Wow. Can't wait for the rest.


*eating popcorn*

MORE MORE!! This brings back so many memories (even though I had an induced hospital labor, I labored for 7 hours before getting an epi)


Oh, the suspense!
Although I suppose we know how it turns out...


OOH.... like the cliffhanger at the end of your favorite book.... Ready for part 2!


This is really wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing in detail. I hope to have a similar type of birth situation and I'm learning so much from you.
Also congratulations on your beautiful daughter.


Whee! The beginning of a great story! Can't wait for the rest.

Rosemary Grace

*eyes up Faerie's popcorn*

The second birth story I get to hear in a week! It's so great to hear how different it is for everyone, and I especially love that you know your stuff Jo, so you can give really interesting (and useful) detail.


Mesmerized and fascinated. As I sit here 50% effaced and few weeks away from my due date, at the very very beginning of the end, I cant help but feel excited, terrified, consumed with curiosity at how it really feels, and thankful to hear a real story vs. a glossed over everything was so wonderful one.

But boy do I hate cliffhangers! :)


YAY! The birth story! More, more.


Yay! Part 2 please! Glad you're back to posting more often - missed you v. much!


Ohhhhhhh!! I love suspense! Can't wait for part II, and am so glad that I already know the happy ending :)...



Can't wait for the rest! I had a csection after a failed induction for 15 I am so curious about how it could have been done differently for me. Obviously a happy ending, but I still am on the edge of my seat. Type faster, girl!!


Glad you are at the point of telling your birth story, and I am eager for more. Thanks for beginning your tale!


Hurry on the second part! Because it's not like you have anything more important to do, like taking care of your baby or anything.

But still...don't leave us hanging for long. I'm 35 weeks along, I need all the happy birth stories I can get dammit!


Not-so-patiently waiting for the next segment...




I'm with Anne - mesmerized and fascinated! Thanks for the thoughtful writing and wonderful detail.


Waiting with baited breath for the rest of it!


Ooh. . . the foreshadowing is unbearable. I, too, can't wait for the rest.


I can't stand waiting for the rest! Keep it coming, pretty please.


Someone above was right, this reads like a favorite book. A very favorite book. Can't wait for part II, dear. Keep it coming!


Delurking to say: What a great story! I cannot wait to read the 'conclusion'! And congrats again on Sophia's birth

Another Erin

Heh, small world. I know who your midwives are. Wonderful choice. Excellent story thus far. Looking forward to the rest. Good to have you back on this here internet.


Wonderful! Maybe even rollicking!

(I should be asleep right now, but I had to keep reading...)


The womenfolk are baying for your bloody-gutsy, howling labour story!

The women who haven't had babies yet will be reading in horrified, virginal wonder (with absolutely no corporeal context for words like "contraction", or "back labour" or "perineum" and the shocking trio of "tear, rip, laceration").

Those who have had babies will be deep in reminiscence (as I am after reading your tale) - remembering every twinge, internal monologue, and hurled invective. We're trying to fall pregnant again at the moment, and reading your birth story is having a weird effect on me - a sort of "Did we really do all that?" kind of disbelief.

But I'm pretty sure we did because the product (a squalling one-year-and-ten-days-old son) is sitting beside me, babbling melodramatically.

Can't wait to read the next bit!


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