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Let me be the first to say congratulations beautiful woman. Peace to you and your family forever. You're amazing.



Congrats again. I really enjoyed reading about your experiences. I am 6 days from EDD and your postings tug at my heart strings.

Thank you.


Wow. What an intense, amazingly written birth story. Someday Sophia will read it with awe.
Congratulations from a lurker!


um. wow. I could not have done that. you know how snarky people say you don't win a medal for natural childbirth? well, -you- do. officially.

pretty cool having an actual real live baby, huh?


Wow. Just wow. What an amazing story, and so beautifully written. I'm in awe.

Congratulations to all of you!


I bet you'd do it three more times for Sophia Hazel.

My God, woman, I felt every contraction again. And I never realized until you wrote it down, that yes, the placenta DOES feel good coming out, doesn't it?


I'm having to remind myself not to cry while reading your amazing story since I'm at work. Jo, you are truly and amazing person, and I'm so glad you and Sean have Sophia. Congrats to you both!


I've read many a birth story. Yours, however, is the most wonderful, beautiful, truthful, intenseby far. Thank you for sharing it with us. You are incredible. Congratulations to you and Sean. Give that precious little baby a snuggle from me! :)


Lurker saying....

Wow! It was worth the suspense of a three part story. I'm glad the horror story had a happy ending and everyone lived happily ever after. :)

And... How the f***k did you remember all of that? All three of my births are a blur. Be glad you wrote about it because in a couple of months, you probably won't remember many of those details.


Well, that about scares the pee out of me, but at 34+3 days pregnant, I don't imagine I can back out now!

Wonderful birth story -- I appreciate your honesty in telling the tale, even if it is frightening. I'm very happy that your and Sophia's outcome were good -- she's a beautiful little girl, as you well know.

Take good care of your family (and let them return the favor!).

Jenny/Long Time Lurker

Wow! WOW! That was AMAZING. And true.

And for some reason has filled me with an intense urge to sob.



You and Sean have your baby...your baby. Sweetest words in the english language.

And you're to be saluted for the incredible job you did in bringing her into this world. Bone-tiring, painful, and worth every second of the process.

You're right about delivering the placenta--sweet relief at that point.


okay, now at 25.5 weeks i'm scared shitless! but thank you for writing that and for your honesty and intensity, clarity and vividness. what an incredible story -- my mind is blown too, just reading it. congratulations on coming out the other side with a beautiful, perfect daughter. i hope i'm as brave as you.


What a beautiful and difficult birth. And you know, now, that you can do anything - it's such a powerful experience to get through something that hard. I know, my second daughter's birth, a vbac, was similarly long and hard. The debt one owes to birth attendants like yours is amazing. Congratulations on your incredible strength and your beautiful daughter!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! After reading your story, I have so much swirling around in my head.

Okay ... First of all, I know I'm 37 weeks pregnant, and full of emotion, but your story has made me cry my eyes out. I'm so impressed. You were so brave and worked so hard... Job well done.

But mostly, I'm scared. Frightened to death of labor and delivery, knowing my lack of pain tollerance. I don't think I can do this!!! I'm certainly not as brave as you, and damn it... I'm tearing up again thinking of what I have left to face.

I've always said that no one really tells you the whole truth about childbirth... but you have. I think just knowing the truth helps other women prepare (at least, it helps me).

Thank you for sharing all the details, and again, congratulations on a job well done.


amazing! thank you so, so much for sharing. oddly, i feel like your insight has allowed me to gain a little of what i missed when i had to have that c-section. and you know, i never thought i'd be glad to have had it (nevermind the fact that it probably saved my life), but halfway through part 3, i was thinking, "damn, the surgery was a cakewalk compared to jo's experience!"


You are an amazing writer. Thank you for that awe-inspiring story.

I have to ask though (and please don't take this as criticism, I am just curious as your baby's birth was different from my baby's birth): why would an epidural necessitate a c-section? And why didn't the midwives reach in there and turn the baby from posterior to anterior earlier (my doctor turned the baby before I started pushing)?


Jo, thank you for writing all this. I know that later on, you'll be glad that you wrote it all down, as time starts to blur the memoried, but right now it just feels like you've given us a huge gift with this story.

I love reading birth stories because they help me remember Dorian's birth. And man, this story helps me see that I had it SO EASY with him. (I've always known that, and been grateful, but this makes it very clear.) Two things really stand out for me, really bring me back to the dark hospital room and the night of my son's birth. One was that moment, that moment of searing pain as I ripped apart with the force of his head, knowing that I'd give anything to make the pain stop and yet the only way to make it stop was to keep going. The only way out is through. The only path to the end of pain is more pain. And then you wrote of feeling Sophia's head, and realizing that you were having a real actual baby... that's the most poignant of all. After the heartbreak of miscarriage (and I didn't even have the trauma of infertility) I couldn't ever fully believe that I'd get a baby at the end, not until I felt his head descend, not until I reached down and felt hair that wasn't mine. It was only then that I KNEW I was having a baby. Amazing. And you are amazing. Sophia is lucky to have you for a mother, and Sean is lucky that you wanted to be the mother of his child.

And to all the pregnant women reading: you CAN do this. Most women don't have as tough a time as Jo did. In comparison, the birth I experienced was a picnic in the park with a little bee sting at the end. And even if you do wind up having a tough birth, you still have the strength to get through it. You are a woman, a mother, and we can do ANYTHING for our children.


I am absolutely floored by this story. You are an amazing woman. The details you remember are unreal. I knew I had an easy labor, even tho it lasted for 18 or so hours, but it was nothing compared to this. I had my epi at less than 4 cm. The most amazing part of my story is that I pushed at most 6 times. I cannot imagine going through what you did. And I know for certain I would not have been able to do it. I am very happy for you and your family.
Lurker in SC.


You're an amazing writer, it's amazing that you've shared so much detail with people you don't know.

This story has terrified me. I'm two and a half months at the moment and I just know that I'll be remembering details for a very long time... I'm praying I have it a lot easier than you - I know I couldn't have done what you did.


I can't imagine experiencing what you went through - it is difficult read so I can only imagine how it actually felt. And yet, I can't help but feel that it was also an enormous gift. It must be amazing to know that you are so extraordinarily capable. I am in awe. Thank you so very much for sharing.


I've never cried from reading a birth story before! Thanks for sharing that with all of us...


Yep, that's birth. Feels worse than you could ever have imagined, takes more strength than you ever thought you'd have. And it's only the beginning. Welcome, new mother, and a blessing for you: May you know your grandchildren.


What a beautifull way of telling Sophia's birthstorie. It is an earthshattering experience isn't. S hard so painfull and yet so special and in a strange way beautifull.



Wow. That was the most amazing birth story I have ever read. It's incredible that you were able to be so focused and aware of what was happening with your body to be able to record it all. Just amazing.

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