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Thank God I know this ends OK! I'm about to cry before the end of the first page of part 2.


Wow, you tell your story so well. I am also so glad to know that Sophia is ok. These babies are so strong aren't they? And so are you.


Dear gods, woman, you went through the mill! My own labour (because who can resist sharing) was not at all the same, but I am convinced, equally painful. From two to ten centimetres in an hour (thank you, pitocin!), intense pushing, lots of monitors, one bitchy midwife who helpfully advised me during the peak of a hefty contraction "don't grab the bedside cabinet, dear. NO! You're not to do that. Tsk tsk." I still feel my venom rise over a year later when I think of her. What a cow. Anyway, at some point, I gladly proffered my flank for a hit of morphine. Tears, forceps, and one giant-headed baby later...

But this is your story. Write more!


Ps - write more SOON.


God, this just ended and I looked up and realized I am at work. I had completely forgotten. You really are an extraordinary writer, my dear.


I forgot about work too--
I'm late for a meeting with my boss!
Gaaah -- I want to hear the rest!


Wow--I feel like I'm there.

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story--more, more, more (please)!


You are an amazing writer - I don't know how you can remember all of this...amazing. Thank goodness you didn't blog this live because we'd all have died of anticipation and worry.


Wow. I thought you brave before, and I'm sure you didn't feel brave at the time, but you are even more my hero now than before. I honestly do not think I could've done what you did (my pain threshold is extremely low). I can't wait to read the ending.


This story is amazing, I can't wait to hear the rest.

Like everyone else said, it's good to know that baby is fine, otherwise it would be really scary!

Great job at describing your birth story, I have read a lot of them, and it is one of my favorite.

Take care,


I am such a horrible teacher. I was so eager to hear the rest of the story that I was trying to read this while my 3rd and 4th grade students were doing their spelling.

I think reading this would make me go crazy if I didn't know it turned out fine in the end. You are so strong and brave and such an excellent story-teller.


*on edge of seat shoving popcorn in mouth*



thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us, jo. i really am grateful.


Oh. Oh. Thank you for what you've shared so far.


See? Stories like yours Jo it the only thing that made my he pain and subsequent infection of m,y planned cesarean seem tolerable....a good choice even. And to think I was a bit jealous of those who had a vag birth and got all the drama that went along with it... HA!! Home birth? Bwahahaaa!!! never, no way, no how. nuh-uh. Not for me. Now I am kinda glad I will always have to have a cesarean.

By the way your action/drama writing style is awesome and I look forward to seeing your birth story on the big screen sometime soon.


Yikes. {I'm freaking out a little over here.} I just found out that I'm pregnant and I was already thinking that I might not be cut out for this labor stuff...

I'm eagerly awaiting the Part III where everything ends up okay and it was all worth it and you say you'd do it again in a heartbeat:)

Jen (yup, another one)

Agh. Ur. Other unintelligible sounds.

I am so glad that I, too, know there is a happy ending. This gets scarier and scarier. You are a brave, strong, eloquent and honest woman!

:note to self: Do NOT read this again anywhere near anticipated delivery!


Okay, now I'm crying, and maybe rethinking my plans for natural birth. Write the ending soon!


Utterly amazing, again. I, too, am glad I know this turns out well. Girlfriend, you went through hell and back! But, like they say, it's the best pain because the reward is so great. Yet, it sure doesn't feel that way in the middle of it! Keep it coming!

Rosemary Grace


I'm also choking up at my desk. This is so powerfully written. Thank you so much for letting us all know that things are fine BEFORE posting this story, otherwise there's be a mass of gibbering women all over the internet.


You know, I've read this part twice now:

"I'm not leaving her," he says. He is terrified.

and it still makes me cry.


I'm breathless. I'm crying. I'm in awe of you. What a great job you are doing so far of conveying what it's like, what it's really like, even if you are prepared, even if you are ready. Astonishing.


thank you, thank you. I mean, I'm not glad you had to go through this. At all. But reading this is theraputic for me. For more than two years now I've felt like I was an absolute failure because when my doctor said it would be better to have a c-section, I agreed. And I agreed because I was tired and in pain and I didn't think I could push him out. I didn't think I could do it anymore and so I said yes. I didn't have anyone telling me I could do it, that we should wait a little husband and my mother just trusted the doctor. And the nurses were a bunch of bitches.

Anyway to read that you, who were much more knowledgeable than I was, and much more committed to your course of action than I was, got to the point where you wanted to give up too...I don't feel like such a lazy failure. I hope that isn't insulting to you because I certainly don't mean it that way.


Holy crap. You are so awesome.


I agree with the above, that while reading this, I was completely out-of-body. I clicked back to a chat window partway through and thought, 'wha?'
It's reassuring to be able to look out the window after reading this, notice it is a beautiful fall day (here in Vancouver at least), and that Sophia and you and Sean are all okay, healthy, and present on the internet!

And Susan, now you made me start to cry, too, from contemplating that line!
Ahh, how moving!


Not at all, mare_imbrium. More on that in the wrap-up.

I can tell you right now, you ain't no lazy failure.

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