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That's just so right. It's exactly what Mother's mean when they say, "You really can't imagine it, until you are a Mother". It's why we ache for other women to become Mothers -- through pregnancies, or adoptions, or surrogates, or however they can. Because, this being a Mother is just so indescribably wonderful. It's what we were meant to be and feel and do.

Sophia is absolutely gorgeous and you sound to be a wonderfully contented new mother. It's amazing.

Congratulations, Jo.


wow. you make me want to do it all over again. Congratulations, it keeps getting better.


You just absolutely made me tear up... What a beautiful post to a beautiful baby girl...


I know.

(btw, if ever a baby looked like a girl, she does!!! totally beautiful)


What a beautiful post! I can not wait to be where you are (I just hit 36 weeks today - with our first)
I have learned so much by reading your blog and I appreciate your openness.
Thank you for sharing your life and beautiful daughter with all of us.




Lovely, lovely, lovely.


Hi, de-lurking to say - I've been reading a lot of TTC/new mother blogs as we're trying for our first, and I've seen a lot of letters from moms to thier new babies, but this was the most beautiful I have ever read. I'm in tears.


She is absolutely gorgeous. Any baby that likes Johnny Cash is alright with me.


Oh she's simply breathtaking. Your post definitely moves the baby ache up another notch. I remember those sweet nights of letting my newborn son sleep on top of my chest just so I could catch an extra few Z's.

Enjoy this time, before you know it she'll be cruising along the furniture, pulling all your dvds out to play with them, and making a general, cute mess out of everything. And she will be 1000 times more lovely and a 1000 times deeper into your heart.


Though it's far too early for it, you have me in tears, Jo. That letter is beautiful, and Sophia will treasure it. I'm so, so, so happy for you and Sean that you have your precious little Smouse at last. She's a beautiful, happy, healthy girl who couldn't have better parents. I want to thank you, because it's posts like these that encourage me to never give up on my dream of motherhood, even after almost 6 years of TTC. We are now at peace with the idea that our child may come to us not through biology, but adoption, and you've helped that as well. You're a rockin' inspiration to so many of us, and I thank you. Blessings upon you and your family.


Beautiful letter. I'm so glad you are enjoying this time so much and your little Smouse is adorable. What a great smile and how smart of her to learn how to do it so early!


Hand me a tissue... that was beautiful. What a lucky little girl, and totally cute, too. Just as she wrote above, reading your letter makes me feel hopeful ... thank you.


I'm so NOT a touchy-feely person, but OMG - that was just so beautiful.




jennifer and the beans

Aww, she is so sweet! I was trying to read this post when my 3-year-old daughter came up and saw the picture and said the following:

She's cute!

Can i see her again?

She's at my house!

I wish I could meet her!

Can we go see her?

Sophia's got a posse at my house, I tell you what. Oh, and the 3-year-old was another lovely baby who needed lots of movement and hard bouncing on the birth ball, and she walked at 6 months, 3 weeks. So start thinking about babyproofing NOW. :)


I love you and Sophia and Sean and the wonderful family you've become. I love your metamorphosis. She is beautiful Jo, and I'm so, so sorry that I can't be there in person to experience you all.


Awww...I know exactly what you mean. My LAST BABY is one month old now and I wish I could just hit "pause" and sniff his head for a few weeks before he gets any bigger.


Oh. How gorgeous. How completely wonderful to see you so in love with your daughter, so at peace.

She is beautiful. :)


Maggie started sleeping longer at that age too, and I remember missing her in the night, missing those fumbling half awake nursing sessions.

Sophia is an angel, Jo, just so beautiful and perfect and pudgy great in all the right places. My daughter's 10 months old and thinning out to toddler proportions fast, but she still has those great squeezy thighs. For us, six or eight weeks is when it started to turn really good, and it just gets more wonderful from here. Those smiles will turn to giggles will turn to screams of delight and melt you. Looking at Sophia makes me want to go pick mine up from her naps and just smooch her. And what a lovely post about how it feels to finally become a family.


Beautiful. I can't believe she's already 7 weeks!



You have a real beauty there. She is so delicate looking. I miss nursing so much.

Keep on enjoying her.


You got me to comment only because of your music choices. Billy Bragg and Wilco? Sophia will grow up *just fine*. Not that you were worried about that, or anything....

Beautiful Letter. Better Music.


sniff. Dammit, I'm hormonal as it is. I've been going through days of wondering if I'll really be able to give this baby all the love he's going to need once he gets here (2 weeks to due date). This helps. Thank you.


She's beautiful. Congratulations!!!! Love the pics.

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