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If ever I could relate, Jo. It is to this letter. Beautifully said. Sophia is one lucky little lady.


How absolutely beautiful. I write this through tears, remembering similar things my own mother has said to me about the way she felt about me, and I can't imagine, I can't wait until December when I get to taste it for myself. Congratulations to you again, Jo.


Lurker here. While I've always loved reading letters from mama's to babies, this one I think takes the cake. I'm all snuffly. I'm very happy for you and your family. My little angel is going to be two in a few weeks. I can't believe the time has gone so fast.

the other Jo

Goosebumps and tears. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Kiss lil smouse right next to her eye on the side of her head, where her face is so soft that you can hardly feel it.


Jesus, Jo, make a person all whacked out on her own pregnancy hormones weep, why don't you? I see no way that May can get here soon enough so I can experience all that for myself.


This is just beautiful. I had to link to this post from my blog.

You are so lucky. Sophia is an angel.


wow. WOW.


So glad to hear how much you are enjoying this...


She is so beautiful, Jo.


I'm over 41 weeks with my third child. Your beautiful letter makes me ACHE. Thanks for sharing.


That was beautiful.


Gah. I'm getting baby hungry again. Must. stop. reading.


18.5 weeks till i meet my own little milk elf, and already i'm in tears at how wonderful and lovely and satisfying those days are going to be. thank you for your sweet words about your daughter, i hope in a few years she can read them herself and realize just how much she's loved :)


So beautiful.

Tine sweet! Choking up here. Thank you for sharing that; it's exactly how I feel about my boy, and makes me look forward to meeting the other little somebody currently in my belly. Oh--and Sophia is gorgeous-er than ever.



She is stunningly beautiful, and your letter to her - my god the tears are flowing.

Beautiful all around.


happy sigh

what a wonderful post

big kiss



So, so sweet... major tears in my eyes...

Mandy is it that you put so eloquently into words those things that I have only felt, not thought? "And that is what will happen, soon and forever; I will spend the rest of my life watching you move away from me. It's okay, that's what I signed up for; it's worth it to get to know you. All that time you were inside me and I had no idea who you were. The price of finding out is this eternal leaving."
Aaahhh, I'm melting... Thank you so much for writing for us.


That is just beautiful! She is beautiful! ::sniff:: ::sigh::


Crying in my office now. What a beautiful letter to sweet Sophia.


This is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I've read. And on those days when Mira, who is almost 12 months, is trying my patience, I am going to remember your words.

Thank you.


Oh, oh. Sophia is beautiful, just beautiful. And this post is something she will hold close when she is old enough to read it. It made me remember why we go through the things we do to have children.


What a beautiful letter. I hope she reads it some day and feels how much she is loved.


How lovely!
I feel like I could've written this myself, except it wouldn't have been as well written.
My baby girl shares a birthday with Sophia, as well as that bizarre tragedy-themed onesie. She got it as a gift, and I've often wondered how that particular pattern came to be.
I've felt quite a kinship with you as I've read your posts, as my baby was also late and had a difficult entry into this world 8 short weeks ago.
Congratulations on your beautiful girl. Sophia is lucky to have you.
Now I must go curl up with my sweet baby!

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