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The only thing I have to say about the nutrasweet thing is... well, after being a vet tech for eight years, and working with vets that treated rats... Rats get cancer. Every single one that lives past a year old.

So dunno about studies on rats, particularly long ones where the rats are allowed to age.

But the rest? LOL!


yeah, it's easy to give rats cancer -- but the article has some interesting info about the shortcomings of previous studies w/r/t rat cancer and aging...

eh, nutrasweet makes me ill anyway.


Guns don't shoot people... the Vice President does!

PS. Love the candy hearts!


I can't believe I'm about to admit this to the Internets, but I've been putting Boroleum ointment up my nose nearly every day for weeks. It is little more than mentholated Vaseline but it keeps the edge of my nostril from cracking due to too much dry, cold air and having to wipe my nose every time I go from outdoors to in.

So, to sum up: Nose ointment! Hooray!

*slinks away dorkily*


sokay, dont slink away. my sister sticks loads and loads of vicks vapor rub (which she pronounces veee-vaah-poooo-roooh) up her nose just because "it makes her sleep better".

you are not alone.


Once the chocolate chips and cool whip are gone, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself!
Ok, I'll admit, I've been pretty good about not buying bags of peanut-butter m&ms whilst at Target. But I did by some candy hearts... which do not taste good! That means there is still half a bag left.

I love the candy hearts!


Another Cheney link. Though I do wish we were seeing a bit more about "Scooter" (for real? that's the name of a grown man?) Libby and a bit less about Cheney's poor aim.


What is MRSA? Sorry to be ignorant. Love your flexibility!


In junior high i made a bowl of crisco based frosting for my afterschool snack every day.

So I hear you.

Me, not so much with the nose ointment, but lips? If Burt's Bees ever goes out of business, I will have to stick my head in the oven.


My husband and I- we're both materials scientists, he's more chemistry-y than I am- have been arguing for years and years about how awful nutrasweet is, especially due to the methanol issue. Studies have shown problems with it in the past- FINALLY a decent article on it comes out. Sheesh.

Cicely, it doesn't matter if rats get cancer wtihout nutrasweet- they get it MORE OFTEN with it, and it was a very well done, double blind study, as opposed to the terribly crappliy done studies previously performed by the nutrasweet companies. What is more troubling are the non-cancer behavorial issues, including the higher incedence of non-cancerous brain tumors which have been studied years ago. The amount they test in the rats is relative to adult amounts.. kids (and fetuses!) are even that much more sensitive. I wish it was off the market. The fact that it is in food that children and pregant woman eat is, to me, criminal.

The only reason anyone uses nutrasweet anymore is because it is cheaper than Splenda. I don't think the risk is justifiable.

Jo, good luck with the freaking MRSA. What the hell is that all about?! Have you been licking gym towels again or something? ;) Also, when I'm desperate for sweets and don't have any in the house, I too make up a ramekin with brownie mix in it, a little bit of veg. oil and water (no egg), mix it up, and eat it. Heaven.


Oh! I have a recipe for dark chocolate cake (not too sweet) with no perishable products in it. It does taste better if you use butter, but canola oil will do in a pinch. Let me dig it up and I'll post it.


Love your sub-categories of late.

There's a cake I used to make from a recipe on the back of the flour sack that did not involve eggs but rather mostly dry ingrediants (flour, sugar, cocoa, baking . . . soda or powder, I forget, prolly salt), with water and oil (might've called for butter and I substituted oil).

It was a pudding cake of sorts; the cake rises to the top and a pudding forms underneath.

As for the NutraSweet . . . oh shit.


I used to run into the same egg dilemma and I found a good substitute. Two tablespoons of corn starch mixed with two tablespoons of water equals one egg for baking. I have used that substitution on many an occasion and it works. Of course, if you are also out of cornstarch, then I can't help yo' sorry a**. :-)

I hate aspartame and have been eating saccharin in my coffee for years. I loves me my pink packets o' carcinogen.


I just posted the non-perishable ingredient chocolate cake recipe on my blog.

Carrie Jo

The answer to the sweetner problems is stevia. It's time for the FDA to get their head outta their ass regarding the plant.


ya know, back in 1990, when my Grandpa had cancer, the docs told him not to use sweetener because they knew then that it caused cancer and here we are today, people are still trusting and using it!


Oh, but the cocoa frosting sounds to share the recipe? 'cause I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy eating it out of a ramekin with a baby spoon myself, especially before my period comes.

I've got some questions for you too (I'm a fellow MRSA colony): you mentioned a few posts back about washing your hair, etc., with something for the MRSA but I don't recall what--could you elaborate?

Turns out I've got to do the ointment in my nose too--as well as in my belly button and my perineum (whoo-hoo!) too, twice a day for a month. But they didn't send me to an infectious disease specialist--should I see one just in case? What do you recommend?

Sorry this is so long but I'm hoping you'll have some words of wisdom for me...and should I be worried about transferring the MRSA to hubby or le babe (8 months old now)?

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