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Stands? Unsupported?? As in, not hanging onto anything? You are so screwed ;) Seph's been pulling herself up for months and hanging on but so far no standing by herself, so we're safe for now ;)

(Pictures, pretty please?)


Howdy, neighbor. We moved from Rittenhouse Square to our current suburban home while I was pg with our first, but we're still in spitting distance of city limits ;)


Doh! You live near the evil in-laws! Don't go north to M-county! Beware! Beware!


Hey, I live in Philly too! Mist, day lilies? Sounds like Mt. Airy.

Pygmalion's Wife

Oh, god. I love your Sophia posts but they depress Grub is only three weeks younger and still isn't even rolling. Sigh. He HAS discovered that he can pull his binky out, pass it from hand to hand, and then back into his mouth (and then he looks for the applause).

I don't envy you the mobility, though. Nope, not one little bit--Rex didn't walk until he was sixteen months old due to some foot surgery, and because he was the first I spent my days trying to get him to do it...then I all but bound Scamp's feet when I was pregnant with Grub to KEEP him from learning to walk (kidding--I did nothing to discourage him but did not particularly encourage him, either). He walked when Grub was two months old...and it's been all downhill from there.


Oh dude you are so screwed. She climbs? She stands? There was a time when that would have seemed to smart and cute to me, but now I think of the implications and...horror, horror, horror. Start moving everything up a yard off the floor. Everything. Immediately.


"All you have to your love of everythi-ing...Beautiful Mt. Airy Looodge!"

Sorry, but magicdrgn's comment now has that going through my head so I'm trying to pawn it off on you instead.

I *love* the little whispered comments as they locomote. And the dive-bombing of the breast, too.

another Amy

Oh, I figured out you were in Philly a LONG time ago. All those hours of playing Carmen Sandiego in middle school were good for something!

It sounds like such fun to have a baby Sophia's age. My little munchkin was just born 2 days ago (yes, I know I should be sleeping right now instead of reading blogs!) and all she does is eat and sleep and be absolutely perfect and amazing.


another Amy, it's a blast, but GO TO SLEEP NOW.

Trust me.


You are right Philly is so beautiful in the spring!


Your daughter sounds like she's at a great age--I'm looking forward to mine gaining a few months, but I know I'll also miss this time. (She's 14 weeks right now.)

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