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My mom has just gone on a similar kick, especially with her pots & pans, getting rid of aluminum & non-stick items. I've been curious about silicone bakeware - so wonderful to use! Surely it must be horrible for us. But you haven't seen any stats on it?


FYi, those Bamboo (Bambu) dishes were recently panned big-time by Consumers Reports (leaky and what-not).


We actually have one of those silver teethers! (Gift from uncle EJ) Sophia digs it.

I can't find anything bad on silicone...hmm.

Leaky bamboo, huh? Well, it figures. Feh.

And Cat, if you're following the tips in the first link, I think you're minimizing risk -- i.e. not heating the bottle with milk in it, replacing when worn, etc. You can store it in glass jars in the fridge, yeah? (The milk, I mean)


PS - Raw milk in plastic jugs? Beyond wrong. Mine comes in 1/2 gallon mason jars.



You know, this is what I'be been intuiting, and then you proved me right. The timing was so perfect I fled to IKEA and bought a few glass containers to replace tupperwares and stainless steel bowls in several shapes to replace plastic bowls, including the ones the cats and dog DRANK from, and stainless steel utensils as well - and I spent close to 70 Euros I don't have but everything will have to be replaced slowly and it will never be a good time and if I can find the money for fags what would be my excuse for further poisoning myself?

Thank you. You are a true public service, and I am a grateful listener.

Jen (yup, another one)

So about the not heating of bottles - what about cleaning/sterilizing them? Is the issue heating in general or heating when they have milk in them?


Are Nalgene or Melamine safe?


Are Nalgene or Melamine safe?


This is lightly off topic, but maybe you can use it as a question for Part 2: I recently spent a lot of money on an organic crib mattress. But now it seems that all of the available matress pads that might help me protect this precious mattress have vinyl or other plastics in them. Any thoughts on an alternative?

Emerald Market Girl (a.k.a. the artist formerly known as Chookooloonks)

Hi --

Normally, I wouldn't hawk my site here, but since it's on topic:

I've just started a new shopping blog which features the best organic/fair trade/sustainable/green stuff I can find on the web. It's called Emerald Market:

Not all of the products that were talked about on this post are on the site yet (the site's only a week old), but it's amazing how many things are green or sustainably made that you wouldn't even think of.

I invite all of you to check it out, and e-mail me your feedback. It's great that this conversation is happening about how we can make the world a greener place.



I'm sure you all know this already but the future vet in me is forcing me to write this: boiling bottles - or anything really - doesn't sterilise them, it disinfects them. Sterilising means all microganisms AND their spores have been destroyed, disinfection means the majority of microrganisms have been destroyed but not the spores. You can use a pressure cooker as an autoclave and boil materials that can stand 120ÂșC (I think) for abt 30 min.

Also, I recently came across a paper by a researhcer that found out that a mix of vinegar/peroxide is far more effective in killing bacteria than anything we might buy, a the advantage that it doesn't create any resistances:
(this is safe for salad disinfecting as well)

And this is abt sponges etc in the kitchen, pretty scary:


I've been researching water filters for a while. I literally gag on the chlorine in ours in the morning, and we frequently get periods of even higher chlorine in the summer time when the E. Coli in the bay is high.

(And then I followed your link and found that, despite our city's yearly water report that our water is in fact some of the cleanest in the state, it had more violations than any other city in our state I could think of to enter. Yikes.)

So today I received a filter from Aquasana:

They have a pretty good sale right now and I joined their Water for Life program which means they'll send me new filters every 6 months at a discounted rate and free shipping.

Here's a comparison chart:

(Though I have a sneaking suspicion that chart is put out by Aquasana..FYI.)

In any case, I hooked it up and had a whole new glass of water. No chlorine taste at all (and no VOCs to go with it).

You do so much research and pass it on in your blog, so I thought I'd pass mine on to you!

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