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Lisa K.

Wow...great writing. Capturing summer like no other.


My gosh I enjoyed reading that. It took me back and I, too, remember Boone's well, both going down and coming up. Beautifully written.


Wow. I am in awe. That is beautiful. My summer memories are entirely different--I spent summers with my grandparents in California, going to daycamp that I hated, spending as much time as possible at the library, going fishing and camping with my grandfather, taking art classes. But your writing brought it all back to me, and you're right, it was a magical time. And liminal. What a great word. Thank you so much!

Brooklyn Mama

I love this. I have been having similar feelings and sense memories as the haze and humidity of summer descends.



Thanks and, 30?, you are just a pup (a talented writer pup, for sure, but still just a pup).


What a lovely post.


Thanks for that. That was so well-crafted and descriptive. Those words are worth a thousand pictures.


Loved reading this - you were able to capture how I have been feeling the last couple of weeks in your words - outstanding!


That was so soothing to read. You captured even my memories perfectly.

losing true

That was gorgeous. Beautifully done. I love the waves of salt scent and what might be aftershave, outsize like a father's jacket. You have a sure hand with words.


Just great! I love your writing, hope you give us a work of fiction one day!


That was fantastic. I'm feeling the same way, without the words to express it, and there you go and do it for me. I know the places of which you speak.



That was truly awesome! Childhood memories. There's nothing in life quite like them.

Jo in Utah

What amazing prose you did. I loved it. Thanks for the refreshment of your words.


throwing up boone's is a definite rite of passage.


It is amazing in that beautiful description of summers past that I couldn't help but cringe every time some kind of insect was referenced, and think to myself how instead of having a fun, enchanting time I would have been miserable and trying to hide under something, anything an insect couldn't enter. It's funny how phobias can take over one's life. I went on several trips around the country and most of what I remember is the white-hot fear I felt when, not only out of my comfort zone, I had these creepy crawly things all around me, seemingly ready to pounce.

I guess it's good that I live in So. California where all I usually have to contend with is ants and bees (and when one appeared over our small kid's swimming pool I would just sit still and follow it with my eyes until it flew over the fence and out of sight) and those horrible japanese beetles (I don't know why they are called that) that make that awful, awful loud buzzing and fly into closed windows with a CRACK sound. ugh.


Mmm, Otter Pops.

So let us know when that novel comes out, won't you?


OK, so I don't even know what that whole Perfect Post Award stuff is all about, but if this doesn't get one, THAT AWARD SYSTEM IS SCAMMING EVERYONE.

Well done!


Just yesterday I was driving home and heard "Walk on the Ocean" by Toad the Wet Sprocket and in an instant I was back home in Minnesota sitting next to a bonfire on the shores of Lake Superior with Boone's Farm and clove cigarettes. I could smell it, the memory was that strong. And then I looked in the rearview mirror, saw my 2 kids and just that quickly I was back in New York, a mom driving a minivan. lol


So perfect and real and honest. Takes me back to summers, whose days were longer at 10 years old than an entire month at 29 years old.
Summers in Missouri, spent writing love letters to my boyfriend who never wrote back...
Summers on the lake, behind the spray of water on the inner tube, waiting for the day I'd officially fill out my bikini...
Thank you for the ride down summ-memory lane. Enjoy this one, with your kiddo. For her memories are in the making!

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