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That is one of the coolest, funnest times...that transition from crawling to walking. Amazing how much more grown up they suddenly seem.

Thank goodness, then, that even with all their walking and exploring, they still haven't burned off the layer of fat around their wrists and ankles that leaves the rubberband-type line. That delicious line seems to be last vestige of babyhood.


My daughter once slid two of my credit cards behind the panel of faux cabinets below the sink/countertop in a hotel. The only way I figured it out was by getting on her level and seeing where she could have slipped something, as I'd seen her sliding things under the TV earlier and figured she'd found another slot.


I love the "Aaahhh" after drinking. My 2-year old (my god! how did he get to be 2 already?!) does that and it still gets me every time. So tasty! So refreshing!


My daughter still hasn't noticed any vulva-ish stuff although when we brought her baby brother home that was the first thing she pointed out with a "waz tha??" and a tiny finger pointing, followed by an attempt to pull it off.....Although she is almost 2 now,seriously, I say THIS is my favorite age at least once a month, and have been saying that since she was around 8 months old. It gets better and better. Kids are awesome


Oh, she's so unbearably cute and bright!! I can't believe she's walking already!! Mine were both late walkers (13 months), but very early talkers - which she seems to be too! It gets so much easier when they can communicate - they don't get so frustrated. Oh, yes, and books were the only things that made my youngest quiet down for a bit.

Fun, fun times! Enjoy!


We have one of those drunken babies at our house now too. It is so entertaining and exhausting at the same time! Punkin's thing is to climb the couch and go for the remotes hidden on the high book shelf or climb into the windowsill. I can no longer turn my back on him. In a few months it will be hard to remember exactly what this is like, so I am loving your writing all about it.


Oh, I can just see the cuteness in my head. Isn't it amazing how you can tell the difference between only slightly different baby "words"? Bowie is just starting to figure out vocal communications, but already we can tell the difference between "uummDAT" (which means give me more of that yummy foodstuff that you have)and "MMdat" (which whmeans I see my daddy).

I love your description of Sophia walking. Isn't it adorable how their steps seem so big for their little bodies. When Ani started walking we compared it to a tiny Sumo wrestler first and then Dr. Zoidberg when the gait became slightly faster. We tried to teach her how to say "wopwopwopwopwo", but she never quite got it.

Jo in Utah

It is fun to share the development of Sophia with my Little Pea, (my grand daughter) While she has been walking since 8 months, her vocabulary looks shabby next to your daughters. I am glad to hear about the will. Somehow in the last 20 years or so, I had forgotten that 1 year olds were so demanding, all I remembered is how sweet they are compared to two year olds. I will be sure to tell my daughter her Pea is normal!


Pictures! Oh boy!

The "Ahhhh!" Oh man, that is so funny. My almost 12 month old speaks in complete sentences. Just not in any language I can understand. I am definitely looking forward to the appearance of English words in her vocabulary.

Books are a surefire hit here, too. But she can't "read" unsupervised, unless I want them to constitute the major portion of her nutritional intake. "Board books? Pah! Those pathetic pages are no match for the powers of my cardboard-melting saliva and 8 teeth!"

Your daughter sounds absolutely darling. This is truly an amazing time, and I'm constantly bowled over by how incredible kids are.

Beth in Michigan

It all happens so fast! Gah! I can't believe it was just a year ago we were placing bets on whether she was going to be a Leo or a Virgo.

I'm only a little envious because I just realized the other day that my 6-year-olds toes have become very nearly inedible. They are no good anymore unless they are freshly bathed. It's a shame, I miss my baby toes. ;)

Speaking of people with formerly edible toes, I'm at the other end now with the first one, he will be 15 this fall, he's on his third girlfriend already and I just bought him a drum kit. Next up: Drivers Training! (Shudder!)

Sort of delurking because I have a second too say hi. Just wanted you to know I'm still hanging around, loving your stories!

Have a safe trip!


Wow it's been sooo long since I last came over here ..... why have I taken so long? Well the nearly 10 month old who has also discovered the power of screeching explains things a lot. Don't know how you moms with bolgs do it - find time to write, but I'm so gald you do b/c it sure helps me to feel sane. I'm so loving this age but like you I findmyself wondering were did my little baby go?

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WOW! and erm WOW. Personally i'd say they were some of your best pictures yet. What a wudrenfol way to document Jonas' entry into the world.How you were able to take them with all that going on i have no idea, how you got your wife not to punch you whilst taking pics of her in labour is even more of a talent )Congratulations to you Both, you're family is just beautiful.Caz. xxxx


Welcome little Jonas!A beiauuftl wee family, Congratulations guys.The video made me cry Steve, but I'll let you off with it. Love and hugs to all,Lisa (& Rowland) xxx


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Congratulations to you all !!!The photos catupre the emotions as always in true Steve style. In years to come these will bring it all back to you.Treasure these early years they go so quick !


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