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this post moved me to tears.

i have felt so much frustration with 'this woman' - it is good to be reminded that she is a person too.



Can I raise my hand and hope to get picked next? I'm so tired of not being that woman....


from one Woman to another - thanks for writing this.


Thank you for the beautiful post. I've missed your voice.


How can you stand yourself? You're not only This Woman but you're also such a depressingly good writer as to render those of us with lesser literary skills...flaccid. Ahem. That said, rock right the (fricative) on. I am happy to "know" a "celebrity" who is so genuine and so genuinely deserving in and of their happiness.


This is a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL post, you hear me? Thanks for writing this. I know you don't like it very much, but thanks for being This Woman and inspiring all of us.


I just read this post for the second time, and I'm still choked up a little. I'm That Woman pushing the double stroller...Thank You.


Well done, Jo.


Beautiful, again, Jo. What you say strikes such a chord. Thanks!


*sniff* What a beautiful post.


I'm "This Woman" too (of the oops pg 4 months after delivering my IVF baby variety). I always hate sharing my story as I know it will be repeated far and wide and just propogate the 1000s of fertility myths out there. As you said, I'm crossing my fingers too, hoping for the next and the next.


I usually just lurk around your blog but this was a great post. I am that woman too. The one everyone hears about who got pregnant, out of nowhere, naturally, after she had decided to adopt. And everyone said to me "That always happens!" and I just thought to myself, um, not for most it doesn't.


I'm "This Woman" too - with an "oops" daughter after delivering my IVF twins that took us five years to conceive.

Beautiful post.


Joining the "great post" chorus, from one This Woman to another.

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