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Northwoods Baby


We'll be three years of boobie juicing this March and I don't see any end in sight. Better still, she shares with her baby brother. Blogging with two wee'uns on the boobers is harder than you might think.


Hmm. I just tried to take a picture of my son nursing but he is so NUTS about the camera that he wouldn't have anything to do with the boob. Seriously, my eight-month-old likes having his picture taken more than he likes milk. (If only there were some way to take his picture all night so I could get some sleep.)


Word up, yo.

De-lurking, just cuz ya asked.


It's inspiring to hear of someone doing "extended nursing" or whatever it's being called these days. I'm starting to get funny looks and comments from the peanut gallery and my Manling is only 15 months old. I love your blog, and I also love your hair.


You look awesome. You're inspiring breast-feeding moms everywhere. Never was it more cool to nurse than with blue hair and a tattoo. Congrats on the anniversary.


Love the hair, love the tat, and love the cutie pie attached to it all! Kudos to you for extended nursing.


Word UP. I have a great place that removes tattoos, but alas it is located in San Diego.


are you serious? how on earth did she get to be three?

love the hair!

the boxing octopus

I think Jo means that she's been blogging for three years, not nursing. Unless she started lactating and wet-nursing long before Sophia was born.

But I could be wrong. It's been known to happen.

HEY, so, what I intended to say was this: LOVE the hair. So much so that I'm wondering if I could get away with it even though I have to stand up in front of a room full of college freshmen three times a week for the next 16 weeks.


Whoa, the hair kicks some ass! You'll have to let me know how well the color holds up... I've been wanting to go more intense, but am afraid of it leaching out.

I love extended nursing pics! Big kids are so much more expressive than little grub-like kiddos. Now that you've thrown down the gauntlet, here's my twenty-one month-old visiting Boob City, USA (with his Blackberry, of course).


Awesome haircut, great rack!


Been reading you nearly the whole time! My son is almost 2 now and I started reading right around the time he was conceived. Love to read you! Congrats on 3 years!


Technically, I`m not a lurker, because I have commented before, but I think it was before Sophia was born. If lurking is like virginity, I think that`s long enough to re-grow my lurking hymen and require de-lurking again. Okay, that was kind of gross and dumb, and I should have just remained silent.
I once had a hair mishap in which I expected pinky-auburn and got HOT PINK-FUCHSIA instead.


Loving the picture, though you've robbed us of the high-res macro on the tattoo, and that is just wrong.

3 years? Damn, I'm feeling old.


My sister also toddler nursed 'til they decided to stop. two years a couple of months, if memory serves. Pregnant again, and will be interesting to see what the niece thinks about it when babe latches on. She'll be six.

and oh yeah. Word to the boob.


Great pic! I've commented before, but mostly lurk. I love to see toddlers nursing, my mom nursed us all for 3+ years. Hope to be doing it myself (nursing a toddler) in a couple years. And, just in case you're bored or something, you could check out this (relatively) new blog: Those gals rock, or you could read my blog for fun hightlights of my IVF.


Word! Not only do I lurk, but I mostly do so thru Bloglines. Am still haunted by your series of plastics posts...


yep, boxing octopus, three years of bloggening. the s-mouse is only 16 months...


De-lurkening :-P

Bravo for the toddler nursing. I pumped for my little guy til he was almost 12 months old, then he went to whole cow's milk per the pediatrician's suggestion. He never nursed very well, or we might very well still be nursing.

Have you on my google reader list, so I'll slink back to lurk-dom.


Nursed mine until they were toddlers too -but I never had a cool blue haircut. Great picture - Olivia's gotten so big!


You rock my socks! I love the hair and WORD to the over-the-shirt nursing style. It's my fave!


The writing still rocks after 3 years...way to go!


Bah to you over-the-shirt nursers, I say! Bah! You think you're all cool because you wear hip, stylish clothes that allow you to pop your tits out on a moments notice.

What about the rest of us, huh? What about those of us whose wardrobes consist of the same ratty t-shirts we wore in high school and the zip-up sweaters our grandmothers bought us for Christmas. How are we supposed to nurse subversively? Think about that before you go pushing your over-the-shirt propaganda.

That being said, I thank you for your three years of blogular service. And you certainly do rock the peacock green.


I'm very jealous of the hair, and isn't jealousy truly the most sincere form of flattery?

Jenny Scientist

De-lurking to say hi there.

Is the tatoo an arrow? Like "Look up, ya jerk?" Because if so, that's fabulous.

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