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Wow, that's wonderful service by PGW. When we had a gas leak, the utility company came out and said, "yes, you have a leak. Oh, and your dog barks a lot," and then they walked out the door. I'm glad to see gas companies everywhere don't want everyone to die an explosive death.


Thanks for the reminder! When we moved into this house, our pilot on our heater kept going out, and having had electric heat before, we called the gas co out to show us how to light it. Then we casually mentioned the water heater closet smelled faintly like eggs, and could they check that? The gas co guy nearly crapped his pants. He turned off the gas to the water heater and said they wouldnt be able to turn it back on until we got a new water heater. Yay for not dying an explosive death, as shal put it!

cat, galloping

gas is really scary! my college housemates used to call me the bloodhound because i was the only one who could smell when the pilot light went out. which was frighteningly often. good for you for calling... a whole house went up because of a gas leak in my neighborhood in brooklyn a few years ago.


Yikes. Makes me glad we're running nothing but good old electricity here!


Had it been leaking for a while, hence the poor lawn? Glad all's well.

Matthew M. F. Miller

You're so lucky! I'm glad you had the presence of mind to call.

My mom has no front teeth because when I was in the second grade, I woke her up in the middle of the night after a nightmare because I wanted a glass of milk and some company (another dream about rabid dogs!).

Upon opening the fridge door, she passed out face-first and lay in a pool of blood on the diamond tiles. Turns out we had a massive carbon monoxide leak, and my nightmare very likely saved my whole family.


Oh man, I hope everyone who reads this immediately goes out and buys a CO detector. When I was pregnant our furnace and water heater were not venting properly and the house was filling up with CO. It was exhaust so I never smelled the egg smell. The levels were so high that the gas company condenmed our furnace and wouldn't turn the gas back on until it was replaced. If we didn't have a CO detector (bought because I got CO poisoning as a child and live in fear) my husband probably would have lost us both. That was the best $40 I ever spent. Also - gas rises, make sure you put any detectors ABOVE the gas sources.


I always talk myself out of my hunches. Good on you for going with your gut...


Yes, our furnace was red-tagged last fall b/c of CO. We have a detector in the bedroom. Remember, though, that a CO detector WILL NOT detect combustible natural gas -- just the CO, which is a product of incomplete combustion (say, from a faulty heater).


you can get a natural gas alarm though. we have one, a combo CO/gas alarm. went off one time too when the oven pilot was out.


yep, that natty gas is scary. We had a similar situation when we first bought our house...cleared almost the entire block and shut a street for hours. Turned out it was a pretty bad leak right outside.

Glad to hear it all worked out, despite the beer lackage.


Bossy thinks it's so swell of you to take the time to compliment a utility company like that - and unusual. At first Bossy thought she had slipped into a coma and was dreaming of a better world.


Whew, and yay.

We had the gas guy out twice at our own house (once for a leak at the main downstairs, one for a leak out in the pipes under the street) and he said, in his experience, formerly-pregnant-people never mistook the warning smell for something else.

He was one of the few guys in that part of the country, in other words, who actually took [admittedly a subset of] women more seriously than men, when it came to doing his job.

Watching a brand-new patch of asphalt get dug up because I made a phone call was a total rush, by the way.

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