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Jo in Utah

The Pea, (same age as Sophia) is enamored with nursing. She insists on nursing BOTH her babies, then saying, otha side! and switching sides. Then she will hand the baby to you, insist you nurse the doll and then otha side! Bamma, you nurse the baby! Awww, so cute. I LOVED nursing my toddlers.


I love it! We've been reading Ramona the Pest to the 4 yo--and Ramona has a doll named Chevrolet. "The most beautiful name in the world..."

If you end up w/ a kid like Ramona, you're doing okay...


Totally with you on the clothes thing! I also have a little clotheshorse who loves to choose her own clothes, and has fabulous taste, but I reserve veto power while I still can!
LOVE the "Truck Baby".

who me

Boys tend to be naturally inclined to mimic infant care too. You'll see boys who are allowed to have dolls and play-strollers and who aren't dissuaded from doing so pretending to nurse and care for babies.


Oh, yes, absolutely, who me. I totally agree. I'm just poking a little fun at the dominant culture -- since if you didn't know me, and just saw us at the park, you might think I was a dolls-are-for-girls-trucks-are-for-boys person, you know what I'm sayin'?


So cute!! Truck the baby!!

Kelvin loves the William's Doll book, and his doll, of course ;)

Hope to see you tomorrow, if I don't get stuck in traffic driving down (East) Germantown Pk. (I have no idea how bad it is in the morning).


Farkily? That's farkin funny!

who me

I wrote what I did to expand upon what you seemed to be saying.

At the park, I'd think you were that type of person if I observed you not allowing Sophia to play with trucks. Allowing her to play with dolls is not restricting her choices.

Liberalism has become orthodoxy when a girl who wants to play with dolls isn't allowed to do so.

Texas Mama

Well, I thought the same about the "cultural overlay" idea until I had a baby girl after my baby boy. I dutifully bought my baby boy an assortment of dolls and offered them repeatedly. Occasionally he'd hold one for a while then move on to blocks or whatever else. He did go through a phase of loving to dress up as ballerinas with his older cousins, though he was offended when they insisted ballerinas could not wear tool belts...

Then I gave my daughter one of those same dolls at about 8 months. She quealed in delight, cluched it to her chest, and began rocking it back and forth, cooing happily.

Now, at 11 months, if we go in a toy store, she yells "ba!!" at any doll she sees and grins manaically if I let her hold one. We actually had to get off a subway train last week because she would not stop screaming and lunging for the real 6 week old baby in the arms of the woman next to us.

My son was exposed to just as much baby care as she is, more probably, because I had more time to baby him, and yet he could not have been less interested in dolls. She was delighted with them from the first instant she saw one. Yes, it could all be personality as opposed to gender, but my experience leads me to believe the instinct to mother truly is an inborn female quality, at least more often tha it is a male one.

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