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I'm in the midst of this top here:

Mind you, it's boring as hell, but it might suit you better than the racerback. I'm not sure on yarn quantity, however, but this might at least give you an idea.


Oooh, I love the dress. Thanks for giving me the heads up on this line at Target, I wonder if my locals have any of it still in stock.

Then again, since I buy almost all my clothes off the Target clearance rack (doubly cheap), maybe this nearly-out-of-stockness will turn out to be a good thing.


Hmmm, I CANNOT go to Target, I WILL NOT go to Target... I'm trying to convince myself, for those dresses and things you link to are WAY too cute and since I live in a suburban area way up North(west) our target may still have some of those gorgeous flowy things left (and besides, 1 may fit me -- sorry, so sorry about that). So, thanks for letting me know about their existence, but I cannot buy anything or else my husband will kill me. Money must go to house renovations... and the pieces of IKEA furniture that we bought (yeah, I know, not real wood, perhaps toxic fumes :-( but we cannot afford anything else right now).

Good luck with the knitting, I know nothing about it. That top looks awesome, I'm it didn't work for you...


(in that last sentence, I meant "I'm sorry", not just "I'm" :-)


Lilian, at least Ikea meets the world's most rigorous standards with regard to fumes -- I never worried too much about Ikea stuff offgassing!


I would suggest going here: for Ms. Marigold or Juliet (Zephyr Style's patterns are to die for) or here: for Sizzle or Fad Classic. I have knit Fad Classic and Marigold and love them both. Next: Sizzle.

Elizabeth D

I know what your problem is with the knitting. It's your choice of fiber. The Suede yarn the designer used is 100% nylon, which does not stretch. You chose to use 100% cotton... 100% nicer IMHO, but it will tend to stretch and grow under it's own weight.

Hey, are you on Ravelry?


Very, very cute clothes at Target. I saw this gorgeous corset dress in the Hawk-Jovovich line there the other day, and started a long, steady stream of drool.


I tried on both of those pairs of shoes at Target yesterday. I decided that my foot is too big to wear metallic flats and ended up with a pair of black kitten heels. (They'll be great for a wedding!)


I'm a little late to the party here, but the Lelah top, Sizzle, and the Summertime Tunic come to mind. Probably you've already settled on something. (Those are all Ravelry links -- I assume you're a Raveler?)

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