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Oy, feeling similarly here, too. I just handed off some large ticket baby items we don't use anymore to a local pregancy center. It felt good. There's no #2 on the way, talk of one is only mildly on the edge of our minds, and I've been hoarding all those same little teeny clothes, unable to give much away. But today felt so good, giving to those who could use things much better than the mice in our basement who had been hiding out under them. I worry about secondary infertility too, yet am also just kind of "whatever!" kid #1 is awesome, i think we can be happy with just her if that's the way it's meant to be. Anyway, pardon the ramble, but it's just kind of an odd yet calm yet unknown place I feel I'm in these days. And that's without microbiology in my life. Yikes!

Lisa C.

Now that my PCOS is fully symptomatic (and yet I am sitting here eating a Wendy's frosty AND eating french fries - sigh) AND my son is almost 5 (the endocrinologist couldn't believe I already had a kid when I was officially diagnosed - I think the word "lucky" was in there somewhere) AND my husband's business shows no sign of going anywhere, I am ready to move beyond the "more babies" phase of my life. I would like to purge all the baby stuff (and I have been, slowly) but my husband is not ready.

Good luck with school - are you studying to be a midwife or a nurse?


thanks for the baby stuff, dude. the chair is BADASS

and I now have a blog.


So... (since I haven't yet updated my blogroll, I always get to see the last two entries of Leery Polyp before clicking on the link to your new place),

QUESTION(s): now that you've taken all that stuff to Gretchen, are you going to get them back for the new baby GIRL (!!!!) after Philip no longer needs them? How do you feel about that last statement about infertility now? :-D


Wait until you retire on Social Security and Medicare! I have to pay $500 month for the BC/BS reeirtd teachers insurance, plus almost $100 month for Medicare.I'm very sorry you can't get insurance to pay for the infertility treatments, etc. I'm sure insurance companies could care less if you have babies. Wouldn't hurt to call your new ins. again and hope you talk to someone different.


a lot of what I think with all this insurance mess. It's so fratnrusitg. Why can't we find some kind of awesome fertility insurance? It'd be so nice to hear yes, your insurance covers that and this is your tiny cost instead of NO . I'm here for ya!!Craving Mommyhood recently posted..

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