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April 10, 2008


A few shrug patterns that might work:



Is that first picture Sophia's message to THE MAN?

Do you have a ravelry account yet? It is by far the best way to search out the perfect knitting patterns as well as get advice from other knitters that have previously knit a pattern. If you haven't signed up, I strongly encouraged it.
Before magknits shut down a week or so ago, there was a pattern called bellflower that might have suited your shrug needs.

If I sign up for Ravelry, I may never see the light of day again. I live in terror.

I remember the pattern -- I just can't find EXACTLY the thing I want! (So picky.)

And yes, Christine, I only noticed it after I posted it, but I think it's safe to assume Sophia is addressing the patriarchy and/or corporatocracy.

the clothes are great, but the daughter is beautiful! I haven't seen a picture of her face for a while, and my internal image of her was more baby faced. She's almost a little girl!

Could you tell those of us on Ravelry what the general idea of the pattern is, and let US track it down for you?

Ravelry, when confronted with "Lace Shrug DK," offered up this:


(Well, that's the blog post that went with the pattern -- Sirdar's archives are convoluted and hard to search so I figured you could do that work yourself, if this was what you wanted.)

Oooh, gettin' warmer, Jody! And that's even the color of my yarn.

Here's what I want:

-Most important: something that doesn't need a lot of finish work (i.e. no separate sleeves). I could do something as a big rectangle and then sew the sleeves together to the armpit, or I could knit a small arm-tube, then separate to flatknit, then rejoin for other arm -tube. I don't mind picking up stitches to knit a ring of ribbing around the opening, but I hate attaching sleeves.

-It doesn't need to close or anything.

-If I were good at lace, I'd just adapt Stefanie Japel's One Skein Wonder (which I made and love), but I'm afraid of the lace math.

Oh, that's a GREAT skirt, wow, good job! And I love Sophia's clothes. The finger was interesting too ;-)

Oh, I had a skirt just like that! Well, technically I still have it, but it's been moved to the give-away zone, because now it literally falls off my ass, and that's no good. But while it fit, I LOVED it, and so I held on to it for far too long hoping I could use it as a maternity skirt. Har de har har.

But(t)! I couldn't let this entry pass without issuing a warning. Be careful, be VERY careful, when using the restroom while wearing this skirt in public. Those hanging ends are extraordinarily easy to tuck in to your underpants. How do I know? Only because I walked out of a ladies room with my microfiber panties in full (rear) view. And I happened to be AT MASS, and the restroom is up near the altar.... Luckily I felt a breeze and untucked my skirt before I walked back to my pew, but the congregation did witness my stricken expression and hasty rearranging.

A week later, while waiting at the OB/GYN's office, a fellow patient in a similar skirt did the same thing. She felt much better after I told her my church story... at least she was in a room full of women all waiting to take their own pants off.

Duly noted and logged, Summer.

However, a teenagehood spent in overalls (it was grunge, people!) has left me with excellent post-toileting habits re: not dipping hanging items/not tucking items into pantyhose/always, always performing front-and-rear check before stepping out of ladies'room.

Hmmm, a Ravelry challenge....

I am not good at pattern adaptation, especially in lace, but maybe you could do something with this pattern for a lace shrug worked in two pieces, from sleeve cuff to back?


Shortening the sleeves would be child's play, but going down a weight in yarn would give me a tiny bit of pause.

If all you wanted to do was lengthen the sleeves on the One Skein Wonder, bathtubdreamer at Ravelry posted the following guidelines for her sleeves, worked on the "third smallest" size of the pattern:

I wanted long sleeves, so I modified the pattern as follows for each sleeve after the last purl row:

Knit 1 row onto circular needle, place stitch marker for sleeve “seam” and continue in the round (on my sweater this was 44 stitches before decrease rows began):

Decrease rounds:
Row 1: K1, k2tog, knit to last 3 stitches, sl 1, k1, psso; k1.
Rows 2-10: Knit

Repeat decrease rows 8 times in total - 16 stitches decreased (28 stitches remaining on my sweater).

Change to 3.75 mm DP needles.

Work k2, p2 ribbing for 10 rounds; cast off in ribbing.

bathtubknitter also posts at http://tinyurl.com/4e8lls about a shrug that looks almost identical, the Shimmer Shrug, free at Knitty:


That's all I can offer at this point, but hopefully it will be enough to start on.

Delurking to say that while I really appreciate your skillful way of whipping up such cool stuff out of fabric (especially given my lack of any talent in this area!), I just LOVE Sophia's bedding and curtains! It's so girly in a not-at-all corny or too candy-sweet way. Can I ask where you found them? Thanks in advance!

Yeah, Jody, I think I could work with the OSW and maybe put in a simple (REALLY simple) lacework pattern across the back - something that repeats over 2 rows, maybe, so I could just eyeball it.


Christi, it's IKEA --




Love Ikea kid textiles. Love them.

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