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April 16, 2008


Oh crud.

Yeah, Menita, we actually did have a pretty good time -- just gotta hate the haters, is all.

"Too big to be in a stroller?" You've got to be kidding. Yesterday, while I waited for a glimpse of the Pope, I was standing next to two moms who each had one son in a stroller. These boys were big. Old enough to be carrying on a conversation about professional wrestlers. Big enough to be wearing adult-sized Pope Benedict t-shirts. I'd guess they were at least eight years old. And you know what? I wound up thinking that those moms were SMART, as I stood for twenty minutes holding my exhausted 42-lb five year old, waiting for the police to open up the barricades to let us leave. The irony is that earlier yesterday, I'd sold our stroller to a friend. I sold the stroller, then three hours later had to CARRY my "too big for a stroller" son. My shoulder is telling me this morning that maybe the boy isn't too big for a stroller... he's too big to be carried for long distances.

Har har.

Yeah, I'm a big believer in the use of stroller as Tiny Crowd Control, when necessary

I love it. Crowd Control. I'll be using that one next time I get looks about horkin' my kids into the stroller.

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