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May 15, 2008



Wow, that's AWESOME!!! I wish I could be in a book too (Mama Ph.D.), but I guess that being a mama with a Ph.D. will have to suffice for now :-(

And I'm proud that I know *you*, that's for sure! ;-)

Many Congratulations!

What kinds of topics are covered in the book?

Mommyblogging stuff, anon. Like...kids. And stuff. I don't know -- I haven't read most of the pieces! I just know the writers are good!

So awesome Jo. Congratulations. And to think, I got to bowl with you! (Even though it seems eons ago, now.)

Thanks -- I will have to look for it :)

Congratulations for getting in print! :) When I get a chance to read a book it is something as far away from mommy blogging as I can get, usually something filled with blood, violence, and corpses. The title is AWEsome, though!

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