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May 28, 2008


Thank you for sharing that amazing Smuckers link!

That is one cool trick with the Smucker's jar! Talk about reduce, re use recycle :)

Bottles: genius
Sleep: ummm...me too...kiddos slept for 3 hours each and their mamma...for 5. Didn't go to the office in the afternoon, hence the anon commenting.
Sophia and school: it may take her time, but I feel so deeply that she will be fine, and that she will really come into her own. I know (I think) why you worry...but...similar is not the same...
OK I'll shut up now.

Well, today she had a minor freakout at the park when kids were walking too close to her. "Did they hurt you?" I asked. "No," she said. "But I don't like people walking close to me."


Jo, we need to get Sophia and Anika together, because they are EXACTLY the same. Or on the other hand, that may be a bad idea, they may just freak out.

Anika told me after her first day of pre-K that she didnt want to sit next to her table mate anymore because he blinked to much and breathed too loud. She cried for several days because she had to sit next to the blinking mouth breather. Eventually the teacher gave up and let her sit next to someone else.

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