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June 06, 2008


If Barack is all the things that Marta says he is, than he deserves ALL of our support, even those of us not in the LGBT community. Go Obama, GO!!!!

I just have to take a moment and say how fricking excited and happy I am that the political climate is what it is right now! I live in California and work in a diverse workplace where it has been pure jubilation for the past week knowing that many of the people I work with will now be able to legally marry their life partners.

Legal gay marriage! Barack Obama the presidential nominee! I can't remember a time in my life that I have felt so excited about the prospects for our country! WOO HOO!

Look, I don't trust any politician who has an "ex-gay" speak at a rally. That is the non negotiable. I mean, really, if I were a politician and had a speaker who was a black man who left his white wife because he really thinks that miscegenation is so terrible that it cannot be tolerated and works really hard to convince other interracial couples to divorce, would Obama think I was great because I didn't support actually outlawing interracial marriage?

I don't think he is evil or terrible on GLBT issues. I just don't think he gets it enough to not bargain us away in his quest to unite everyone.

Although, again, it doesn't actually matter who I vote for in the presidential race so I have the luxury (I guess) of voting for a great candidate not just the best we can hope for given the circumstances. I don't live in a swing state. I did, but that anti-same sex marriage bill they passed meant I was going to lose my health insurance, so we moved.

i did a little research, and from what i can tell, the
"ex-gay" man was not a speaker at an obama rally, but a black minister and gospel singer who was asked to join a tour somewhere in the south as part of the obama campaign. he was not asked to be there in his capacity as an "ex-gay" -- the campaign didn't even know he was "ex-gay" when he was asked to sing. for what it's worth, an out gay minister was also part of the tour.



(Not to totally steal your comments section, Jo)

Well, I don't want McCain to win, and I would certainly love to be wrong about Obama.

Part of my strong reaction to that is how sick I am of reading how those bitches just need to get in line now and vote Obama.

Had Jo actually said that, I would never have said anything, because why waste my breath, really?

I am just very disillusioned with the Democratic party, and I hate being told that it is somehow my fault for all the stupid right wing stuff that goes on because I don't want to settle for "not as bad as the other guy." Especially when that is not a very high bar. Also, being from (although no longer living in) Michigan, the Democratic party needs to seriously change before I think they will do any good for my interests since they can't even figure out how to fairly run a primary which is in their best interest.

And now back to the regularly scheduled blog: I am really interested to hear the insurance company story, that should be good. And by good, I mean, good story, thank God it didn't happen to me.

I found this quote from a Yahoo! message board to be vaguely interesting:

"... Hitler did not lead with fear, he lead with promises, with nationalism, with powerful and beautiful oratory, and with almost no practical experience. He possessed a supreme self-confidence which people felt and believed in, and he had a vision that he articulated but was not required to explain the mechanics of. The horrible part came later. He did not lead with fear until later on in his administration - after his people figured out he was not a great bargain."

If you think about it, who does that really sound like? I'm not saying this as an opinion, really - just food for though. However, I totally think that any issues related to GLBT need to be private - I am a huge supporter of Gay rights and I put my money where my mouth is. But the truth is that not all gay people want the government in their business. I say it's no one's business who gets married and who is in a civil union/common law marriage, regardless of sexual orientation. Why does it have to be a political issue? Education of the public is more important than passing more unneeded laws.

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