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June 10, 2008


Ha, awesome! We were completely tv-less for the past year, until we recently got an antenna and a digital converter box and now get a handful of stations. But we do wish we could get certain cable shows, so I'll definitely check this out.

I think you should tell your insurers about this, because it is my theory that they believe all would-be homebirthers live in free-love vegan communes. Tell them you're happy to wait on hold because you're just eating McDonald's and watching reruns, and they will rush to accommodate you.
Worth a try, anyway.

Hells to the yeah, weve been watching A LOT of Hulu (and House dvds) since the evil minion was born six weeks ago. We got rid of our television 2 years ago, but there is a couch in our computer room, and the nursing sessions have resulted in a lot of down time..

I know. I'm just saying shitshitshitshit. I am a certified TV addict. And guess what? I solved that problem by having no TV. AND NOW THEY DO THIS.

Why God why?

The internet is ruining my life enough as it is already.

Ozma: me too, man. Me too.

Well actually we have a tv and rabbit ears, which means that we can watch all the Quantum Leap and local news we want, but...we don't want.

(Except I have this thing for Wife Swap. Am trashy.)

Fame, the series. Goodnight.

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