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September 27, 2008


That was an awesome urban nature sighting! I saw 2 bald eagles flying over me in the city this week, and it made me very happy, but it wasn't as cool as when we saw a bald eagle grab a fish from Lake Erie right in front of us. Only the fish didn't make nature show noises like your rat did. So cool.

OMG, gribenes.

Hmm I had never heard of Gribenes but hell yeah now I want some. Luckily I am about 30 minutes away from my homemade enchiladas being done. Otherwise I'd probably run out and fry up some chicken skin and onion right now.

You have just totally made my Rosh Hashanah. I have been "dreading" dinner with my in-laws because of the exorbitant amount of carbs...now I have something I can contribute, and I'll be having my cake and eating it, too. HA!

We recently had a bald eagle drop two 8" fish in the driveway in front of our condo. One was talon-pierced but still alive and wriggling. Awesome.

After seeing your real name in the book, I totally get your previous blog name now!

Can't wait to read it...

Clearly I should have posted that on your other entry. I am an idiot.

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