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October 06, 2008


Oh, thank you for saying that about the WAPF. I thought it was just me!

Thank you for the WAPF intro- it looks intriguing. But now I'm dizzy with information overload. I think I'll go eat a chuckwagon patty :) (p.s. your stuff always makes me laugh!)

So are you going to post your recipe? I'd be game to try it.

I loved chipped beef on toast! How can I get some of the good stuff? is it called chipped beef? My grandmother usd to make white gravy with salt and peppered ground beef over a baked potato. Super yum.

If you Google "creamed chipped beef," you will turn up 6,734 recipes which are all about the same and involve butter, flour, milk, and chipped beef.

The chipped beef I buy from a guy with a cooler in the park, but the less natural (probably full o'nitrites) version can be found near the lunch meat in the grocery store, in little hanging packets, usually of the brand Carl Buddig.

I bet you could substitute anything for the meat and it would be good -- ground beef, chicken, smoked tempeh, vegetables.

My dad explained what SOS was to me just a few months ago. He was in Vietnam, but anyway. I don't recall why he was telling me that, but I sure enjoyed knowing what you were talking about. Made me feel smart.

A lesser known, yet more delicious in my book, version of this involves eggs rather than the meat.

Make the same sauce, add diced whites of hardboiled eggs. Mush up the yellows in a bowl and sprinkle over each serving.

We always called this eggs goldenrod.

My did served in Vietnam, too, and introduced my family to SOS. We made it with ground beef or sausage for breakfast.

If you use chicken, isn't it called Chicken A La King (which in my childhood home, came from a can by Swanson...and the beef was Carl Buddig too)?

King, hmm, yes.

Are these all depression-era basics meant to dress up whatever protein one could come across with cream sauce?

Because SIGN ME UP.

I have never even heard of chipped beef (maybe its only an American thing??) but my Mom used to make creamed tuna on toast when $ was tight. And it was gross. Gives me the full body shivers just thinking about it!

Horrified: I just googled "recipe Chicken a la King" and discovered that a lot of them use a can of cream soup. Now, I'm not opposed to a little casserole with soup now and again in good Midwestern tradition, but homemade Chicken A La King should not come from a can. Swanson's Chicken A La King should come from a can.

That is all.

My grandfather (who served in Korea) loved chipped beef on toast, but I never knew why he called it SOS! I guess that's not something you explain to a seven year old...

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