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January 18, 2009


You just take your time recovering and getting to know Daphne. We can wait!

Speak for yourself Tine! I can't wait! ;)

Hey, I'm typing w a baby right now! ;) It's easier w a 5 month old than a newborn, though.

No no no! You CAN'T post that birth story now.

I'm on deadline, and your story is bound to be WAY more interesting than the history of Honduras I'm writing. I beg you....don't distract me!

(Kidding, of course. I'm dying to read it. Or at least see the little Miss Daphne Wren, who has a very delicate and lovely name for such a large and stubborn girl.)

can't wait!

Woot! Congratulations :D

I am *so* not a patient person - I'm for team "can't wait." And here's all you need to make everyone forgive typos and weird grammar.....NAK! Yay, yay, double yay for you and the fam, thanks for even updating us at all, since your prob'ly like, I don't know, busy??

Ack! I didn't respond to the announcement because all I could manage was a lilting sort of "baaaaaaybeeeee!!!" noise. But it turns out that's still all I've got, so... Baaaaaaybeeeee!!!

Yay, Daphne! Congrats!

I'm so psyched for the birth story, I can't wait!

Sophia muct be SOOO cute with Daph-a-nee.

Oh my goodness!!! I'm so excited and can't wait for the update. :D Beautiful name, BIG baby girl. I'm looking forward to th erest of the story.

yep...lots of one handed typing here too...

birth story with DS1 was three posts, this one was about 20 lines. meh.

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