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January 20, 2009


awwww! These are great photos!

Beautiful, brings tears to the eyes, and Oh, how grand.
Thanks for sharing.


Okay, inauguration is over!

Oh my LORD that is a big baby. You guys make such a lovely looking family :)

Congratulations to you & your beautiful family! Daphne is lovely; you look amazing.

And may I ask how you prepared your placenta? The husband and I joked that we were going to host a placenta potluck with our birth class cohort, but we were too weirded out to eat it and just made prints instead.

You're lovely. How did it taste?

Ok, cute baby, blah blah blah...but OMG! I have the SAME PLATES!

Whoa. You're standing up already? With a baby strapped to you? I'm impressed.

Mazel tov and much attention to Phida.

It tastes like chicken, doesn't it?

You, Sean, Sophia and Daphne are RIDICULOUSLY cute.

The placenta, not so much. ;)

Congrats again!

What beautiful daughters you have. Sophia's eyes are simply arresting.

I had two 9+ pound babies and they looked just like that - already equipped with cheeks! So cute. You all look fantastic. Sweet babymoon!

Awww, those are awesome, thanks for sharing! I have a feeling Daphne will have blue or green eyes, like her sister, what do you think?

You do have a different shirt in the placenta photo, but it's also striped, but white, not gray. :-) And it has short sleeves (we can see the tattoo!!!)


Congratulations! And I'm with superlagirl--standing up already? Are you superwoman?

I cannot WAIT to meet her!

Congratulations! She is beautiful! And Sophia is growing up beautifully, her eyes are an amazing shade of blue.

She is beautiful! So are you parents and big sis! I am so curious about the rest of the story and will relish the curiosity until the story unfolds and then be sad that I am no longer about to find out. Need anything from Princeton?

Wow, in one post we get pictures of TWO things that came out of your hoo-ha. One of which is completely adorable (hint--not the one you ate). :-)

Correction: THREE things--how could I leave out Sophia (who is simply beautiful, BTW)


Ok, I know we're supposed to be ooohing and aaahing over the new baby, but OH MY GOD, Sophia is beautiful.

I think you need to use kitchen shears on that sucker!

You are all ridiculously gorgeous and look like you are auditioning for celebrity baby blog :):):):) :) :) Congrats!

She's perfect! You all look very happy.

Both of my girls got their father's eye color, too. I'm wondering about the genetics of that, since we have dominant and recessives, too (my brown eyed husband has a recessive blue allele and I am green eyed with a recessive blue). I guess I was kind of hoping one of them would get my eyes, or blue at least.

Anyhow. I'm very excited for you and look forward to reading about how you approach parenting two girls now.

Enjoy her, and if you don't already have one, get a Moby wrap or any variation thereof. It's a total lifesaver, especially during this newborn period. Better than a sling, in my opinion, which I found to get in the way more often when trying to meet my older daughter's needs--something I didn't have to do last time around.

Hope nursing is going well and that she is an easy baby.

Congrats again and good luck!

You, your family, and your placenta are gorgeous! Thanks for posting.

Long-time lurker, first time commenter. I love the pics. They are gorgeous. I am fascinated by the whole placenta thing. Why do you eat it? How would you prepare it? Do you eat it like you would eat chicken? Is it roasted with vegetables or something like that? Please explain. I am really sorry if I'm asking what may possibly be perceived as a stupid question.
Enjoy this time.

Holy cow - that is one big and darling baby. Congrats!

I am thinking back to when my second was born. He probably wasn't that big until he was a month old!

What a gorgeous, giant baby! You all look wonderful, and I can't wait to read the next installment of Daphne's birth story!

Congratulations. But what are you doing with that thing in the kitchen?

Here from LFCA.

Wow, she IS a tiny giant baby. She's also adorable. Congratulations!

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