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January 16, 2009


Whoo hoo! Amazing, just amazing! Congratulations to you all - smiling from ear to ear over here!

WOW!!!! I knew you were having her....finally! Thanks for posting.

And DAMN she's a biggun :) Beautiful name, too.


WOOHOO!!! Congratulations!

Yahoo! And FINALLY! Welcome baby Daphne, beautiful, beautiful name. Can't wait to hear more, it sounds like things went pretty well! And woo, thats a big baby, way to go Mama Jo!

Congratulations! OH MY GOODNESS! I am so happy she finally came out!

i'm so happy for you jo. and your lady moist placenta.

Hooray!! I've been refreshing way too often!

Awesome. Lovely first name. Lovely middle name. So glad for you. Congratulations!

Woo hoo! Many congrats!

Oh! Hurray! I love the name, very beautiful.

Yay! So glad she's here!

YAY!! Finally! Congrats and enjoy!

YAY! Congrats!

Congratulations. I can't wait for the birth story! Her name is beautiful. :) That's exactly what I weighed when I was born.

Congratulations! Daphne is a lovely name. Very classical around your house now.

Squee! Congratulations!! I cannot wait to hear the birthstory (I am due on Tuesday so am poring over them right now).

So, so happy for you and your family!

Yay!!! Congratulations. And a lovely name to boot. Can't wait to see a photo and hear the story.

Hurrah! What a pretty name too! That's a big baby :-)

Congratulations! Welcome, little one!

Congratulations on a healthy beautiful baby girl!! What a lovely name, too. :-)

Congratulations to your whole family! What a beautiful name.

Welcome baby Daphne! What a big girl!

So happy that you escaped the induction. 'Sophia and Daphne' has such a nice ring to it. Can't wait for photos and a birth story.

Congrats! Let the 'family of four' adventures begin...

Congratulations!!! What a beautiful name. How exciting! Thank you for the update.


oh oh oh! Congrats and welcome to the world little (or not so!) one! I am so glad that this is the update, and can't wait to read the whole story. Congrats again!!!

I'm so glad she finally made an appearance, can't wait to read the birth story and see the pictures!!! I'm still waiting, 41 weeks and 5 days... hopefully before my induction date baby will be here... hoping anyway...

Wow, congratulations!

Congratulations--and welcome to the world, little Daphne!

Sweet lord, that is great news! Can't wait to hear all about it. Gorgeous name... HOORAY!

CONGRATS and MAZEL TOV on your daughter. I can stop stalking now :)

Why eat the placenta though? Am I missing something?

Happy, happy, happy dance! I just squealed aloud with glee, much to the consternation of my family, who are looking at me like "WTF?"

Welcome to the world, Daphne Wren! Congrats, Jo, Sean, and Sophia!

I can't WAIT to read that birth story. Hooray!!

P.S. Toni, research shows that placentophagia (eating placenta) can stave off PPD, which Jo suffered from with Sophia.

Happy Birthday, Daphne!

Some people get all the interesting birth stories, I guess.


Congratulations, Jo!!!!!!! And Sean. And Sophia.

I LOVE the name.

So glad everyone is here. And well. So glad about everything in your world. Can't wait to hear about Daphne's grand entrance.



Congratulations! What wonderful news! What a beautiful name. I love it with Sophia. Can't wait to read the whole story.

Congratulations on a healthy, perfectly time baby!!!


Congratulations to all! I can't wait to hear the whole exciting story!


Hooray!!! (Umm, you *ate* some placenta???? I cannot *wait* to hear ...)

Yay!! Welcome to the world, Daphne!

Yeay! So looking forward to the story. You know, in your abundant spare time. (As an old prof used to say to my class when he was assigning homework to be done in our "AST".)

Welcome Daphne! Congratulations Jo! My birthday is Jan. 15 too -- fun to have it on MLK day :)

Congratulations! Yay for LolBabies (and doubly so for a healthy and happy fam.)

Congrats!!!! Love the name!

Mazel, Mazel!! yay!! And Daphne is a lovely name.


And much as I wanted my own elective c-sections for my own reasons, I breathed a huge sigh of relief that YOU didn't have to have one. But of course the most important thing is that you and your beautiful baby are healthy -- WELCOME TO THE WORLD, little Daphne. It's a wonderful place!!!

Wow! Congratulations!! I'm so glad labor started naturally (and sounds like it went ok). Beautiful name :)

COngrats!!What a wonderful name. Sounds like all went pretty well and you have a lovely bouncy baby girl!


Congratulations! I'm so glad it all worked out! Two girls! WHEE!

Congratulations!!! Hooray!!!

Congrats on the sweet new baby girl. Can't to hear all about the birth. Take care.

Congrats on the big healthy baby! Hurray!

WELCOME, Daphne!

Cannot wait to hear the story, especially since it has such a lovely ending.

Blessings to you all.

So glad Mama and baby are doing well. Congrats and welcome to the world, little one!

Oh my gosh! Congratulations! Daphne is a beautiful name. Congratulations a millions times over on your hard won baby girl.

Congratulations! Welcome to the world, Daphne!

Welcome baby girl, way to go momma, and congrats to Family Polyp!

Mucho congrats on all fronts! Love the name and can't wait to hear the story.

YAY! Can't wait to hear the story.

From a fairly new reader who spent many, MANY hours trying to coerce my 9 plus pounder out

Congratulations and welcome to the world (not so little) Daphne!

Welcome to the world little Daphne! Congratulations to the family... may it be a wonderful time and can't wait to hear more details!

Congrats to you! I wish you the best!!

Yay!!!!! Congratulations!


Congratulations and blessings to you! I bet Daphne Wren is as beautiful as her name, and if she grows up to be as cool as her mama, she'll be one lucky gal.


Mazel Tov! I wish you all great happiness, health and wonderful adventures together!

Congratulations Mama! I love her name and I can't wait to see her sweet little face.

Welcome to the world little-ish Daphne Wren! Beautiful name.


Huzzah! Congratulations! Welcome, Daphne!

Congratulations! Welcome Daph-a-nee -- I'm looking forward to the story. Hooray for spontaneous labour and healthy (giant) baby and great baby names.

Congratulations! Looking forward to the story.


Congratulations!! Such happy news! Hoooooray! Beautiful names for both your girls!

Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures and to meet her.

Superduper massive extralarge congratulations! You're my second friend to have a baby girl last Friday. Both big, healthy, and with beautiful names! YAY!

yay!! Can't wait to hear all the details. And giving you a virtual fistbump, welcome to the placenta eating club!!!

Mazel tov!

yay!! Can't wait to hear all the details. And giving you a virtual fistbump, welcome to the placenta eating club!!!

First verymom, now you! All my internet buddies are having babies, yay!

Man, I can't wait to hear your transfer story though.

i'm a little late to the game, behind on my bloglines. but big big congratulations to you all!

Congratulations! Wonderful news.
Welcome to the world, little one. Or,I guess not so little one. Way to go, Mom!

WOOO HOOO!! Congrats on the birth. LOVE the name & can't wait to read more deets on everything!

Welcome Daphne! Congratulations, mama!

Congratulations! Beautiful names for a beautiful new little person in the world. Wren was one of the top three names on our list for Freya, too.

Hope you get to take in some rest and relaxation while enjoying that new baby deliciousness… ah, new baby, huzzah!

Congratulations! Lovely name, and goes well with Sophia too. Very best wishes.

Congratulations! Clearly you did a fantastic job growing a nice healthy baby. And her name is lovely. The girls' names have a sort of musical sound together.




Congratulations!!! Wonderful news!


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