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February 17, 2009


I've long thought I'm easily over-stimulated. My husband and I constantly battle about the volume of the tv/radio. His only desire is LOUD, but my attempts at tolerance quickly descend into pricklies crawling all over my skin and pressure building in my skull until it has to be turned down NOW! The volume wouldn't even be so bad if it wasn't the competition of sounds. The tv, plus the baby toys, plus the dishwasher going, plus now he wants to have a conversation with me. I literally can't focus on him talking in the car if the radio is competing with the sound of his voice at all. Very interesting reading.

I haven't even read the posts yet, but I'm incredibly thankful that you decided to link! I was wondering where Marta had gone in the blogosphere and I'm so glad to know that she's been back for a while!! I might have found out accidentally, if she ever commented here again, but thankfully I won't have to wait!

I am SO easily overstimulated. I like the tv so low I can barely hear it. I can't stand loud music. In malls, I can last for about twenty minutes before I feel groggy and a little dizzy, can't really articulate thoughts, etc. All the lights, the different music from each store, the people walking by, it's all too much for me to process. Same goes for the actual shopping: seeing all the options in front of me, I can't make choices, can't discern one thing from the next. I really start to feel numb, like I'm shutting down.

As for housekeeping, it is a must for me. Before I can get any work done, certain things have to be in place: no dishes in the sink, no crumbs on the table, all dirty clothes where they belong. I've grown resentful of any work I do that ISN'T mothering/housekeeping because it keeps me from those two things. I often stand in a clean room and gaze about at the different still life scenes. It gives me peace and sanity, and a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Truly, I feel just as satisfied with a really clean house as I do after a successful concert.

I thought I posted this morning, but my comment doesn't seem to have made it ... anyhoo, thanks so much for the shout-out! You sure know how to increase a girl's stats! Before you even posted this, I'd been thinking we should do some parallel blogging around this topic. Game?

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