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February 19, 2009


You ARE rock!

Sure, you, Rock...

And you're hilarious too! Oh, I remember those days with two little ones! And Kelvin was younger than Sophia is now -- OK, I don't remember her age, she's 2.5? What's wrong with my brain? Please correct me on this... maybe Kelvin was the same age (he was 2y. 3m. when Linton was born).

Wow. We're leading parallel lives. My guy also has gained 3 pounds in 5 weeks...though he started the pooping on the inside, so we probably only saw half a pound of meconium ;). My two and a half year old walked around all morning saying "I am the man"...funny since he has never heard this phrase before to my knowledge.

Too bad you aren't moving further south (to Atlanta)...we could hang with our similarly aged bundles of joy/terror/curiosity/....

I can promise I'll be making twice-yearly (at least) pilgrimages to the Ikea in Atlanta...

jeez louise, but you sure can write, woman.

beshitted - my new favorite word

How about Syrah? Someone really nailed my birthday present.

I agree with S - beshitted is my new favorite word too. This story cracked me up.

(Long time reader, Jo, but I haven't commented in years. Been reading and enjoying all the same...)

Not only is beshitted my new favorite word, but I have used it thrice in a sentence today...at work!!

Aww, sorry, but LOL!

Sounds like a fun day!

You are rock, I have to agree. I couldn't help but laugh - been there, done that, and seriously.. Those days are hard. Your description was wonderful though, and following it up with such a successful outing wipes the slate clean. Really.

That's what I tell myself.

Oh, that is HILARIOUS!

I apologize for laughing at/with you in your frustration, but it's really your own fault for writing it so well...

Ah, there's nothing like coming out of a Whole Foods bathroom after your kids have been screaming in there, because every yuppie outside will look at you with the horrified certainty that you have been whaling on them in there. When it happened to me, I wanted to tell the folks waiting in line, Do you think I would go to Whole Foods and beat my kids? I save that for ALDI.

Dear GOD this is hysterical. And I would have happily held the guy pounding on the door while you slapped him with a poop-soaked snapsuit (which is possibly my new favorite expression; sadly my life doesn't lend itself to using it regularly). You are rock. Glad the second outing was less event-filled. I hope you're well stocked with wine and Nyquil now though, just in case.

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