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March 05, 2009


One of my friends had the same exact temperment distribution, and said the same thing about herself. I'm glad you got a mellow one second time around.

I think sometimes it's a second child thing. Like they KNOW somehow that there's no way Mama could find time to always rock/nurse them to sleep, but they have this 3rd person gushing over them, so it's all OK.

It sounds just like us- my daughter is a crazy easy sleeper. (And she also used to spit up like crazy too!) She took FOUR hour naps the first few months with no work for it to happen, while my first (twin boys) required nursing to sleep for 45 minutes to take a 20 minute catnap.

Both of your daughters sound delightful. My first (a girl) is due April 2--I hope I get so lucky.

My daughter is (was?) one of those babies that took absurd antics to get her to sleep. Now she's 2.5 and although she still nurses before bed every night, it is the absolute sweetest thing that she has right side, then left side, then wants to lay down, then insists "blankets!" and then, after kisses and I-love-yous, demands "GO!" and falls asleep before I get down the hall.

My first child was not such a good napper. This second one, he is so easy. Always happy, easy to set down for sleep, totally in love with his sister. It's crazy.

He also spit up like crazy until I quit the dairy. Oh how I miss cheese. But for him, I'll go without. At least for a few more months.

Yeah, I was totally hoping it was the dairy, but two weeks without and no change. Maybe more time? Or, um, less cheating? (I had butter a couple times.)

1. I just came from bouncing Philip for, like, a half hour and your post makes me rage with jealousy, though I know you paid your arm and back muscle dues with Sophia.

2. It seems like the whole member-of-a-pack thing contributes to second babies being so chill, like there's constant entertainment and constant bustling about and family sounds. They're just at peace more, can go with the flow. I need utter silence to go to sleep in my own home, but when I'm at mom's, I love to sleep to the sounds of dishes clinking, the sink running, people laughing. kinda the same, right?

ooh, ooh, also: Philip spit up SO MUCH until he was about two months old, then it just kinda stopped, and I never did any elimination because he was obviously still getting plenty of milk and not in any discomfort, no rashes, etc. I mean, a couple of times it was almost projectile (but not), and it was a guarantee that pretty much whenever he ate, he would spit up.

I'm one of those first time moms with a good sleeper. From the first day home, she woke up twice to eat, and then went right back down. No muss, no fuss.

Now at four months, she nurses before bed. Sometimes she's already asleep when we put her down, sometimes awake, doesn't matter, she sleeps either way. She only wakes up once now, and as soon as she is done eating, goes right back to sleep.

But no worries, we're not smug, we know we're lucky, and that the next one may not be so easy.

I think I need to print this entry out -- comments too! -- and shove it up my hoo-ha, because the most rational explanation I can come up with for my unexplained secondary infertility is that my uterus is all like, "girl, do you not remember what it was like for the first year and a half of the boy's life? Don't you remember? The way we didn't sleep, EVER? The way the kid didn't nap? The way he woke up ten times a night to nurse? If you think I'm doing THAT again, you got another think coming."

My uterus, I'll admit, has a very good point. But with the clarity of hindsight, I can see that part of it was just my son's nature but a large part of it was due to my own choices. If I had another kid, there's no way I'd put up with that nurse ten times a night bullshit after the kid's old enough to eat solid food.

I'm glad you're happy, Jo. I'm happy, too, and it's not just because I could go out to the bus stop in flip flops and capris at 7:40 in the morning.

Shut UP, Summer. (Although you've sold me on FitFlops. I'm totally getting some.)

Yeah, choices...I wonder if some of Sophia's high octane babyhood was due to the huge quantities of cortisol I had pumping through my system during pregnancy? We all know it's All Mommy's Fault...

Oh yeah, totally didn't mean to be all "quit dairy!" on you. I'm just still amazed at the difference. I can cheat a little bit-baked goods give me more leeway than raw dairy (although cheese is always bad).

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