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March 22, 2009


re: point the first - amen to that!
I had nurses on the maternity ward give me "advice" that a few weeks later I found to be completely wrong.
To all nurses out there, if you work on a freaking maternity ward, take Lactation Studies 101.

I remember fondly the time a nurse told me that I should be careful to only nurse my 6-month old when he was hungry. "Nursing isn't a replacement for a pacifier! It isn't for comfort! It's only for food," at which point I rolled my eyes and went back to nursing my kid, who had just gotten a bunch of vaccines. I didn't even get into the ridiculous idea that nursing is a replacement for a plastic nipple- something I've heard plenty of times.

Also, the week after Passover is when all the delicious food is made- like this: http://tinyurl.com/37yqhp

We eat a lot of quinoa on Passover, since as Ashkenzi Jews we don't eat rice...or corn...or peanuts...sigh.

hmmm. I think the coke is usually just mixed in with the other sodas, they (the coke company)don't usually sell kosher and non-kosher for passover at the same time because they have to switch over the factory or whatever. What the supermarket has in their stocks is another thing. Just check the bottle cap.

I remember when I was younger the only time you could get kosher marshmallows was around pesach time. I also remember how my parents used to break passover by going out to ice cream because way back when you couldn't get anything kosher for passover even if it didn't have anything chametzdik in it. Now we go out for pizza, how the world has changed.

Oh, and I totally agree with all the breastfeeding stuff you said. Rediculous, they say they want you to bf but then no support after the fact, absolutely none.

re: point the first. It extra pisses me off because there is so much f'ing emphasis on CREDS and SHINGLES and all that crap and yet it seems to mean nothing in certain cases. Also at our hospital here there is this HUGE emphasis on so called "evidence-based care" Yet they still induce with Cytotec. O-kay.

I gave up rice krispies because I thought I had read HFCS on the label. The hardest part of that decision was giving up the rice krispie treats. Still getting over it.

I'm not so much w/ the commenting, but your Nirvana line was just perfect. And the pathetic thing? Is that I'm now pondering Nirvana refrains to co-opt for my Facebook status.

Chaya, we can eat quinoa? Yay!

Heather, the regular Rice Krispies have HFCS, but the health foody kind don't. (Although this time I bought the store generic, which does have a small amount of HFCS. Shame!)

Oh, and I forgot to tell you what stinkbait is! As I told Sean, if you don't know, you probably didn't spend a childhood riding around in the back of a pickup.

It's exactly what it sounds like: foul-smelling bait for catching catfish. However, I advise you not to google the term.

Point the second: Ha! Don't I know it. My Facebook status for today reads: "Three. It's the new thirteen."

Kosher Coke is in the big display up front with the other Passover goodies. Also, the cap is yellow. And last year, I couldn'[t find Coke but got Pepsi instead. So not the same thing.
Oh, and I'm not Jewish, but I hate HFCS and love on the sugar.

Re: point the first. no fucking shit. i'm training to be a LLL leader right now and some of the stories i hear from new moms about the "advice" they recieved in the hospital WILL TURN YOUR HAIR WHITE. word.

Re: point the first - kind of a side note: people (by which I mean doctors) really need to update their growth charts to be in line with the rest of the world (WHO 2006 growth charts, for example) for breastfed infants.

Re: the Coke. Here, it's in the Kl'P aisle. And for reasons that never fully make sense to me, our local Orthodox community requires a second heksher on it. It's the only Kl'P product that always has a separate attestation taped to the shelf next to it that has a local rabbi's signature. We follow the "No Chametz=No Heksher Needed" school of Passover preparation, but we always buy a 2 Liter of hekshered Diet Coke just as a show of solidarity with the peeps.
And about the weird Israeli cereal...we try really hard to emphasize seasonal, whole foods during Passover, and to stay away from all the weird prepared foods, but I couldn't help myself this weekend and picked up a six-pack of something describing itself as "barbeque flavored vegan wheat party snacks." Hey! It's the worst party ever! Have some of our snacks! Something about it just tickled me.

We don't have Kosher coke around here (because in Austin, TX there are approximately seven Jews. All of them Michael Dell.), but we do have Mexican coke, which is made with real live sugar instead of HFCS. It's in the glass bottles, even.

Round these parts, it's usually in the Hispanic foods aisle.

I was going to post what Cheffy said! I have a bottle to taste test against the hfcs kind in my fridge now, not that I ever drink regular coke, I'd just really like to see if there is a taste difference. I live in SW VA, and tho we have a few Jewish people living in the comunity, not many. I found the glass-bottled sugar Coke in the Hispanic section in Kroger while perusing cans of tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, etc etc and thought it was interesting. Let us know where you find it in your store.

I just have to chime in about the bad bf advice.

While I got great support from the hospital when ds was born, (he was on my breast while they cut the cord and while they stitched me up, every bf mom was visited daily by a lactation consultant, etc.). The lack of support from our ped is scary!

At his 12 month appointment, when I mentioned I wanted to make sure he was still on track with weight gain (he has always been between the 5th and 10th percentiles for weight and the 75th-95th percentiles for height) doctor quizzed me about solids (he eats a good variety in frequent, small amounts). I mentioned that he has always eaten that way, and still nurses every couple of hours as well.

He told me I should nurse no more than 3x/day since "there is no nutritional benefit to breast milk after 12 months". I laughed and said it would be pretty hard to cut back to 3x/day and he suggested I just stop completely. Right away. Clearly he would eat more solids if he weren't filling up on the empty calories.

I was dumbfounded. Pretty sure the AAP, WHO, UNICEF and not to mention the LLL would beg to differ with him. "Nutrition" aside, I am also pretty sure I read somewhere that human milk contains all sorts of substances that are found no where else and protect against all kinds of illnesses, encourage optimal brain development, etc. This is to say nothing about the emotional benefits and potential harm that could come from abruptly stopping.

The thing that irks me the most is that he is probably spewing this crap to parents who are actually going to take his advice....

Re Metformin: holeeee shit. I just got back on the stuff. Now I don't want to take it any more!! I'll be thinking of all the, um, beta amyloids building up in my brain with each pill...talk about an OCD trigger!!

Re 3-yo's vs. teenagers - I have an almost-4-yo and I found myself yelling at her on Saturday as if she *were* a teenager. It was one of my lowest parenting moments. But 3 is the year where they figure out how to press our buttons, I think, and mine are getting pressed a lot.

Re bad breastfeeding info, it's so depressing how common these stories are. I don't get it. How can the AAP recommend that every child be breastfed to at least a year and then neglect to educate physicians on how to, at the very least, not SABOTAGE this goal?

Cheffy, that made me laugh out loud. For real.

The hunt for Sugar Coke continues. We have a hispanic foods section in our local store, and the aisle label is:


No Coke though. Although, yes, the glass bottle sugar coke is the holy grail of soda.

TB, I just called in a refill this morning for myself -- I'll take my chances for now.

The KLP marshmallows often contain kitniyot, so those who do not eat kitniyot on Pesach would be wise to double-check the ingredients.

KLP Coca-Cola can sometimes be in the Passover section if there is a special section, sometimes in the regular soft drink section, or both. Also look for it in the kosher foods store. It is sold these days in two-liter bottles with yellow caps. Not every yellow cap, however, signifies KLP; check what is printed on the cap. I haven't seen the cans that have in raised Hebrew letters the indication that they are KLP for years.

Some opinions allow quinoa for Pesach. Some opinions forbid it for those who do not eat kitniyot. For those who use it, there are procedures to be followed.

So funny you should post this now....I just discovered Earth Balance last week and am already completely obsessed with it. Good to know I'm not alone.

I don't know if you have an Asian market near you, Jo, but that's where I get my Mexican Coke, funny enough.

Gave up sugar for Lent, though, so I'm just reading wistfully about Coke of any kind, and trying not to drool.

Re: First point. I remember one day standing on the sidewalk talking to my neighbor about my baby's eczema. She said, "Oh, I hope the doctor doesn't make you stop nursing!" (Because the dr thought the baby was having a reaction to dairy in my diet.) My first instinct was to start laughing. MAKE ME STOP NURSING?! How would the doctor do that, exactly? But even though I immediately dismissed this statement as ludicrous, I knew that some doctors would have tried to get me to stop. I have a friend who's doctor told her that her baby was "allergic" to her breast milk.(?!) I suppose maybe it's possible, but it seemly so unlikely. Anyway, the whole thing (the level of physician ignorance on this issue) makes me so angry. But really it's sad, because so many mothers and babies are being denied this amazing experience.

All Whole Foods brand sodas contain Cane Sugar rather than HFCS... at least in California, I'd assume it's the same nationwide... it's in the drink aisle

regarding your overalls from Da Shack: just be sure to avoid camel-toe at all costs. for some reason, you and only you can truly rock overalls. I. I would look hilarious.

My infant son was hospitalized for 4 days when he was 3 1/2 months old with RSV. I was (and still am) breastfeeding him just like I did his 4 older siblings. For awhile in the hospital his diapers were not wet enough for the nurse's liking. They asked me if I would like a bottle for him. Uh no. Then they asked me if I would like to pump my milk. Uhhh...why? Then they suggested that *maybe* I wasn't making enough milk for him. Good Lord, the boy weighed over 16 lbs (born at just under 10 lbs) and is strong and feisty and they think I don't make enough milk? WTH? It also bothers me, as you mentioned, when women are given the impression that they should have a full supply of milk within hours of their babies being born. I have heard plenty from women who went right to formula because they didn't have enough milk (on Day 1, 2 or 3 for goodness sake!). Sigh.

do you know of a kosher food store in your area? they would have the Kl''P coke.

for an orthodox take on Pesach/allowable foods (including quinoa): crcweb.org

@ cheffy- my husband works for Dell, and is in Austin frequently. I would think the HEB nearby has Kl'P coke and products? (ive never been there, but he goes to HEB often for kosher food while in Austin)

Our pediatrician encouraged us to stop nursing at our 12 month appointment, and then again at our 15-month appointment....and then...he gave up, and we all get along better.

To their credit, our local children's hospital gives free meals to all breast feeding moms of little patients.

I actually recoiled when I saw the pic from Da Shack. I don't know you well enough to plead please, no, because, for all I know, you might rock the hell out of that shit. But, just yikes is all.

Oh, how I envy a woman that can wear overalls. Or who will wear overalls.

Overalls are sexy. You are doing a good thing for America just by bringing them back. Or sexy. Or what have you.

Now what I really want is performance fleece overalls. I want to have a uniform, entirely made of performance fleece overalls.

One other thing re: EarthBalance and Pesach...I'm guessing you're right and the EB is loaded up with kitniyot. I wanted to mention that last year, although you might not have cared at the time, there was a near crippling shortage of Kl'P margarine. Since we love the dairy, and don't do fleishig, we've always just done butter at Passover and avoided the whole mess. But if you don't do dairy, or are interested in serving baked goods in conjunction with meat, the margarine it must be, and reports are starting to roll in this year that supplies are going to be tight again. Just thought I'd mention it in case you (or anyone else) wants to keep an eye out and snatch some up whenever you find it. Personally, I'm really hoping Tam Tams are back...I love those things.

I think that the use of the retribution device should not be restricted to health care professionals that give moronic advice about breastfeeding. I think that health care professionals that give moronic advice about any other topic should be equally eligible. And doctors that say "I don't know, let me look that up and get back to you" should get a gold star. Nobody knows everything, but there's no excuse for spouting shit just to avoid admitting that you're outside of your own area of expertise.

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