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March 08, 2009


OMG..out of the mouth of babes :) I hope you have this in her baby book!!!

I really just want to be there th first time she tells a stranger or teacher that her mom eats human meat. :)


See? Not just at Casa Leery Polyp.

Speaking of placentas (how many blogs are there where a person can say that?), did you see this?


CJ, holy placenta! Those are awesome links.

Since my placenta consumption is for a medical purpose, that would make it "probably" kosher. Sweet! (Why else would you eat it?) I did rinse out as much blood as possible, too.

The second link made me laugh and laugh. Especially the last line:

"But it is never acceptable to put placenta into the sewer system," Carson said. "Never."

It's that second "never" that gets me.

"There is a Jewish law against doing disgusting things and many people would feel that placentophgy contravened this law, even if it were not subject to the normal food laws of kashrut."


That pretty much sums up the blogtroll position, yes?

jo, thanks for what is the best thing i have read all day.

man, i'm amazed she made that connection! smart kiddo.

I live in the town someone is dumping those placentas! Crazy!!!

Bwhahaha. I love the minds of three year olds.

That is some impressive deductive reasoning on Sophie's part. It makes me even happier to know that this isn't the only place such a topic is being discussed/debated. The interwebs rules! I was unaware of the medical motivation for placentophgy; I learned so very much from this entry.

Sorry, Sophia, not Sophie. I normally never shorten a person's name without his/her express permission.

Ah hahaha! Excellent belly laugh, thanks Sophia. And thanks Jo for relating it to us. Beautiful!

This reminds me of a scary conversation I overheard on the street here in San Francisco -- whether breastmilk was okay for vegan babies.

L., seriously? I mean...SRSLY?

That's breathtaking. Just breathtaking.

Although there are people who feed dogs and cats a vegan diet, so I guess nothing should surprise me.

OH WOW! Vegan babies not having breast milk? WHA....?

Anyway, this is beyond hilarious, thanks!

For future reference, know that breast milk is pareve (not meat or dairy). We don't try to get kids under 3 to wait between meat and milk anyway, but there it is, just so you can tell Sophia.

Thanks Chaya! That's good to know!

(I kinda figured it was pareve. Jews are pretty sensible about that stuff. :) )

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