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March 31, 2009


oh dear... I remember imagining me and my kids on that garage top, the weird pool converted into "pond" there. I've never been there, never seen it, but I perused the website many times because we were considering living there before we ended up finding a suitable house to buy... Can I visit before you move just so I can see it? (we probably won't consider moving there now because we probably have WAY to much stuff to fit into one of the apts there). Sigh.

Poor ducks. I hope you can manage to get a shelter for them.

Lilian, of COURSE! :)

There are some pretty big apartments here, too...ask a certain other blogger!

Duck shelter -- what a cool project. I am so intrigued.

I'm so with you on the garden. Every year I start planting with grandios ideas, and lofty expectations. It's rare that even one of my plants makes it. But I still get excited to plant again the next year! lol.

I planted rosemary, thyme, basil and a hanging cherry tomato plant on my balcony the other day. I was trying to think of veggies I could grow in my little four square feet of outdoor space, but I think I'll keep it to the herbs and tomatoes for this year. Maybe I could do lettuce but I'd like to actually be able to sit out there and read a book too, and of course feed and house the stray neighborhood cat who sleeps out there. It's a multipurpose urban space!

Maybe you could build a salad table/duck shelter based on the University of Maryland salad table...


That is too cool. Duck shelter! I really envy the way you live your life sometimes. You know how to live.

I think that the trio should play again soon when I'm around. J and P (well, maybe more J these days) would be way into that duck shelter.

And I mean, me too! I forgot to add that part.

Also, to Lillian, you would NOT BELIEVE how much stuff you can fit into some of those apartments. I mean, a 3 bedroom in this Very Tall Building is just about the same square footage (or maybe more, honestly) as my parents' very small Cape house in the woods.

Thanks for the thumbs up, Jo and Gretchen. My husband is sleeping on your building tonight (and yesterday too), staying at a friend's apt and working late at the university while I'm here in Massachusetts. I tried to give him a description of Jo and the girls just in case he bumped into them at the elevator or something (I told him to speak to you and tell you who he was... not that there is any probability that he will bump into you guys, erm, girls ;-).

Anyway... we will check the building up (and visit!), I just don't know if the 3 bed + parking lot would fit our budget (that's more important than fitting the stuff ;-). First, though, we need to sell that house :-(

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