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April 29, 2009


I now live about a half mile from the Reston monkey house of Ebola yore... would you believe they tore it down and replaced it with a daycare? Creeps me out just a little bit.

That's almost as good as the daycare in the old abandoned thermometer factory in New Jersey. Mercury for all the tots!

The Hot Zone... awesome and scary!

ah, so cool to know I wan't the only freaky 12 year old girl with an adiction to Reader's Digest...trying NOT to freak out about Swine Flu, but with a husband overseas, a new baby on the way, and a schedule that currently doesn't allow me to quarantine the two little germ magnets and myself in the house....freak out is bublling just below the suface...for now, trying to ward it off by just usng common sense, but those little face masks I snagged from he doc's office a couple of months ago sure are tempting

My husband is an infection control nurse at a large academic hospital... Every friend and relative we have has called in the last week asking him how to avoid swine flu, and his response every time is "wash your hands."

Oh, and I, too, loved some Readers' Digest as a kid... Paranoia and folksy humor - what could be better?!

Heh. I'm an epidemiology student in San Diego, I told a coworker I bought a little bottle of purell to use after walking around campus handing doorhandles. She said "I'm not worried about it, not in the slightest"

I'm not WORRIED either, but I'm still using the purell. Sensible precautions and whatnot.

Ha! I very vividly remember discussing the latest "Drama in Real Life" with my third grade teacher. Damn fine publication, that Reader's Digest.

I am somewhat worried about swine flu, particularly because I am getting married in less than three months to a first generation Mexican-American and we have numerous relatives flying in from Mexico and border cities. I am not worried that they will be infected (because by then it will be theoretically everywhere), I am actually more worried about lots of people I care about (including myself and my fiance, who will travel 3,000 miles to my hometown for the wedding) breathing the germ-infested air of airplanes, not to mention travel restrictions. And I have the same stockpiling concerns as you seeing as we live in a tiny one bedroom apt. We do rent a storage space, however. Maybe I should order some rice and beans in bulk...

my MIL refers to readers digest as too "sensational" for her liking...i think it makes great bathroom reading and look forward to a fresh stack in the powder room every time we trek up to visit my parents.

me? not so freaked about swine flu either. also not sure if my lack of freaking should be of concern. oh well.

I used to love Drama in Real Life as a kid. and of course, I indulged in the Hot Zone also... for some reason, apocolyptic scenarios fascinate me. ....

I too, am a Reader's Digest addict. My grandma bought me a subscription for Christmas. Every time I see my grandpa, he has another stack from the 70's and 80's. I agree with katie: they are EXCELLENT bathroom reads.
I didn't even hear about this whole swine flu thing until about three days ago. And now a girl in my class has quarentined herself, even though there is no reported cases anywhere in our province. Until I hear of someone I come in contact with has it, I'll stick with handwashing.

I'm with the rest of you- love Readers Digest and LOVED The Hot Zone! (And the movie Outbreak)

My name is Jennifer and I'm addicted to virology. I had just finished "The Demon In the Freezer" when I went into labor with my last babe. Yet I steadfastly refuse to touch a public bathroom door handle. Eh. We're entitled to our idiosyncrasies. And also, I'm no longer ashamed to admit that I love RD, since all you brilliant women like it :)

No... that's not true! It's so cool! :
"... the Reader's Digests of yore; my grandmother had an entire closet full of them, dating from 1949 to the 1980s, and I assure you I read every last one of them again and again as a child."

My dad had a collection of them (in Portuguese translation) from circa 1953 to the late 70s and then the current issues (80s on) and I read most of it (not all). I adored that Art Buchwald guy and the Book Section. There's a book I've never forgotten and always wanted to find, it was a childhood memoir of a girl growing up in a Greek (American) family. My parents still have "my" collection somewhere, I think. I wish I could find time to browse through all of them to find the title and author of that particular book :-(

I fell out of love with RD around 13-14, I think. And my dad, who's a subscriber to this day, always teases me for "deserting" it. It was a great disappointment to find out what "Reader's Digest" actually meant -- that most everything was "digested" -- something that I, voracious reader and person who loved to know all about my favorite authors and read all their word, found pretty lame.

So yeah... it's AWESOME to find out other people who read old copies as girls.

I'd be curious to know when you stopped reading them (or perhaps you didn't) ;-)

OK, gotta go finish reading the post (I'm catching up today).

P.S. oh, and another thing... I went to college in Brazil's (and possibly Latin America's) largest and most prestigious university, one that has a largely Marxist leaning... so, I was quite upset to find out that RD -- with its worldwide readership (well, at least in Brazil, I don't know about Europe) -- influenced lots of people abroad during the cold war years and made them see the communist countries as evil...

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