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May 10, 2009


Hugs. This is pretty much my permanent state these days too, so you are not alone.

What I do when I feel totally blah, is buy/trade/borrow a new baby carrier. Seriously. If all anyone sees is the baby, then I'm going to feel pretty at the same time. I stalk the FSOT boards over at thebabywearer.com I've managed to keep this little habit fairly inexpensive by trading what I do have for new things and trying to work out swaps and temporary trades and steals of deals. I'm not sure why gorgeous ring slings and fluffy wraps make me so happy, but they do. I wear the same old pants in a size that I hate with hair that I forgot to comb, but hey! Lookee here! Cute baby! Awesome wrap!

I'm right there with you. I actually found myself inflicting a long-winded diatribe on my husband yesterday about how much I resent it that the other people in Seoul put so much money and effort into their appearances. I feel like I would just look a-little-slobby-but-no-big-deal in most cities, but in Seoul, I look more like what-the-hell-happened-to-you?!?

I have no solutions. Just a wardrobe full of blah clothes that don't fit, a permanent ponytail, and a bad, bad attitude.

Hey Jo-
You are walking a path right now that I am only now seeing the end of. It takes an enormous amount of energy to keep one's Image Up with little ones. I am always in awe of the ones who manage to. Of course, I had 4 to juggle plus I was homeschooling so I couldn't even get that haircut while they were at school. I tried to find easy comfortable stuff that still somewhat suited my style..but if it didn't, oh well. Doing laudry is a fab idea. And yeah = haircut priority. I go without other things if I have to, to keep my hair cut. It makes me feel sane. Forget trying to be in style, just wear what you feel good in. That's YOUR style.

When I'm feeling blah, I tend to order clothes from the Internet. It is unwise and ultimately inconvenient since I wind up having to return them 90% of the time, but hey, I need a hobby.


When I am bleh, it always turns to ice cream (which then makes me feel more bleh, because it is usually linked to having nothing to wear...body image...yadda, yadda, yadda.

Oh, and I used to *hate* when people touched my hair (and I had really long hair, so everyone wanted to braid it and play with it...ick). The only person that can touch it these days is my hair dresser.

I buy clothes from the internet when feeling blah also. Also return much of it but hey, it is a temporary lift.

I also go, about once a quarter, to Loehman's. I pile on the clothes for about what I would spend at Old Navy but way more stylish.

I do get my hair cut (and colored!) regularly. It is amazing what good hair can do for a person's outlook.

But I really feel like I have no time for personal upkeep and my appearance is suffering at the same time I am losing my youthful glow. Le sigh ...

I make unwise hair decisions.

Are you 8.5 months pregnant? You should totally cut your hair (layers? why not?) and highlight it yourself even though you've never done it before.

I also yell at people to clean up their own toys already even though the toys have been strewn for a day (or a week) by that point and it just makes me sound crazy to be yelling about it all-of-a-sudden.

Oooh, I had long hair (right up until unwise hair decision #1) and it never bothered me at all. This in-between length hair where it does not ponytail and does not necessarily stay tucked behind my ear is going to kill me. Plus the dark roots (unwise decision #2).

Ask me again when I've finished A) my symphony B) my great american novel or C) the dishes & laundry.


Why no buzz cut?? Seriously, the #2 look with multiple children attached to/trailing you rocks. I've done this every time I've had a few months at home with the kid(s), and it's made me feel fabulous and made my life much easier. (I would keep it that way at work, but too conservative an environment.) You've said before that you like shaving your head and you like the way you look then. So go for it, girl! You won't regret it.

I've got to jump on the "shave your head" bandwagon myself... or at least a short short pixie cut. You like your hair tiny. So go make it tiny.

You hire a babysitter on a day when said babysitter can take the 3-year-old to the park and then to pizza (or the coop or something) while you sew!

What I do personally, though, is 1) order clothes from the internet on mega clearance (which would be why I own both a maternity skirt and a maternity dress when I am not anywhere close to actually trying to get pregnant)
2) wash my leggings and underwear and favorite shirts in the tub, and figure that my dresses and skirts can stand another go.

Also do you know about community.livejournal.com/inbetweenies?

No I did NOT know, Gretchen. Thank you.

I thought the whole point of skirts was that you don't have to wash them? (scratches head)

I just raided the sale section at Urban Outfitters. For the record, that's in-betweenie heaven -- all the stuff that's cut too big for the usually teeny denizens of a campus UO ends up there, and I (a 12 with giant rack) bought a bunch of size medium shirts. The XL would fit maybe a 16 or more, depending on rackage.

The hair: remains to be seen. I promise I'll post pics, a la Cecily.

I know that 12-14ish is a happy size for my body, I'm that size when I'm active and eating well, and it irks me to no end that I'm not allowed to just be that size and find clothes relatively easily. Though I could get 14s from Lane Bryant or 16s from Banana Republic (both on sale, because pants should be $20 max), the pickings were mighty slim.

Of course, right now I have solved this by being IN-active and going up a size or two.

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