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May 07, 2009


thanks "Bette". ha! Good review... next time I need one of those thingamathings I'll heed your advice.

After nursing for almost 4 years now, I have one large, but slightly saggy boob (probably a D) and one small, but still firm, boob (a B). It drives me crazy because I used to go braless at home a lot but I've never been used to flapping boobs and now I have one. All my sized nursing bras look weird on me - one cup nicely filled out and tons of fabric on the other side.

I get the best support/comfort from the regular Bravado and when I'm at work (youngest is now 15 months) and not pumping, I wear a shaped-cup D from Wacoal that I love and makes me look somewhat even.

I would not trade nursing my children for anything, but I do wish my boobs were the same.

Lots of women are differently sized, which is why I have always thought bands and cups should be detachable and sold separately. Seriously, how awesome would that be??

I need medium cups but a giant band, no underwire, and it is just not easy to find that combination. And the lady who "fitted" me at one place totally tried to sell me one that cut me in half. See, if I can't breathe? Not a fit!

Had the exact same thoughts on the two styles of Bravado (original and body silk), although I loved the Bravado nursing tank so much I considered wearing it after I was no longer nursing. It's the comfy to me!

I did find, however, that the body silk might have contributed to the several cases of thrush I battled with No. 2. I found if I wore the body silk during the day and slept in the regular Bravado at night, it was not a problem.

Going back to regular bras was almost weird. I kept forgetting how good the girls looked when they were properly supported with underwire and padding!

Holy Moley - I used to read your blog when you were pregnant with Sophia and here you are bouncing a 2nd baby on your knee. Congratulations!

Finding the right bra is such a challenge, and expensive!

I bought two nursing bras from JC Penney (don't remember the brand) that are okay, but at $35 a piece I can't afford any more. I just found instructions for converting a regular bra to a nursing one. Looks simple and cheap, so I'm going to give that a try.

I'm doing MOtherhood bras and Gillian and O'Malley from Target. My nursing tank is from Lo*Mart. Am I the only person who refuses to spend a lot of money on a bra I am only going to be wearing for a little while (maybe a year)?

I have one Medela bra that I call my "turtleneck" because the front of it comes so high even modest tops show the part in the middle front (and it has not held up well with washing, offers no support any longer).

Thanks a bunch for the links! Now at least I have something to consider. At almost 6 months out from baby #2, the girls are needing a little (HA! little!) lift, but the son is still needing the girls frequently, so I have been stumped about which way to jump.

SarcastiCarrie: I don't know what size your girls are, but as a 40 DDD I find I have to buy more expensive bras ($30 or more not on sale) to get something with decent support. I wish I could buy a $15 bra and be done with it. I can't even find anything in my size in most most stores.

Hmm this is good advice! Don't have kids yet but have spent my entire adult life looking for the perfect bra, finally got fitted and figured out I'd been wearing a 36C when I was really a 32DD or 34D. That was life-changing. I'm sure any woman who's ever found their true bra size can relate!

I avoided underwires with last kid, due to advice about them causing plugged ducts and other horrors. With current baby, though, I decided to give the Medela underwire a try--I hated the way non-underwires made me feel floppy and shapeless. LOVE the bra. Never any trouble with plugging, and I feel and look more like my normal self due to the way the underwires hold and shape. In fact, now that I've been BFing for 6 months and can go from the initial DD to a D or C, I'm going to order more. Consider this a wholehearted recommendation (or should I say "two nipples up"?).

Wow, thank you for that sizing link! I didn't even realize one could BE a 30G, but apparently so...I'd been wearing 34Cs but totally hating the fit.

I'm wearing a few 38E and one 38F (the Medela is XL as are my nursing tanks). I have no idea what the right size should be as I went to Motherhood and they had no idea how to fit me so I just tried a bunch until something felt OK. Some of my nursing attire is from Goodwill and ebay.

I've been shunning the underwire too because of fear of plugging. I read someone somewhere say she just wears regular hook-in-the-front bras to nurse and just undoes the hook. No idea if that would work but I think front-hook stops around 36C or so.

I like the Bravado Body Silk, the Medela Soft Cup and for pretty bras, I like Womama and Hot Milk. You can buy them from Australian site http://www.zodee.com
shipping is very reasonable. They advise ordering smaller than your normal size for Womama, b/c the bands are very generous, but they are lined with organic cotton.

I like Glamourmom tanks. Very strong and supportive.

I got a few Target bras my second year of nursing after my boobs got smaller and they ripped the first month (under much less stress than the Medelas had been under the first year). The more expensive ones are worth it unless you are very small chested.

Thanks so MUCH for this post. My first baby is due in two weeks and I have been agonizing over nursing bras. Before I got pregnant I was smallish - A cup, but have no clue what the ladies are going to look like after engorgment....yet everyone has been telling me to buy a head of time. I decided to just buy some supportive-looking tanks for the first wee while.
Now that I have your list and links, I am totally going to 'order in' - I live in ex-pat wonderland of Brussels anyway and have yet to see anything buy crappy H and M nursing bras - no thanks.
Really appreciate the posts!!!

This is really interesting, I am impressed.

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