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May 31, 2009


The community held a candelight vigil tonight in Old town, it was as "nice" as something like that can be. My heart goes out tonight to the women with appointments that now must be canceled, and who don't know where else to turn.

This is so so so sad. My friend linked this: http://www.hopeforchoice.blogspot.com/ on her blog, thought you might be interested.

I've never understood the logic...killing someone in the name of pro-life is NOT pro-life!

It's awful. Nothing like a Democratic president to bring out the crazies.

I'm so sad for his family.

So incredibly sad. Ugh.

I'm a zillion miles away and I feel sick about this also. What a sad day.

This whole thing makes me so sad.

If anti-choice looneys knew how much more conviction people feel after something like this, I don't think they would do these sorts of over-the-top dramatic acts. Makes me want to fight for access to abortion even harder!

I've read the stories at a Heartbreaking Choice. His work was good. He helped make it possible for women to make the Heartbreaking Choice.

It is so sad.

My conservative Catholic father has been trying to heckle me into a debate about Obama at Notre Dame. Which is how I finally came to the conclusion that the anti-choicers are at some fundamental level misogynist. There is no way that outlawing abortion would not result in women dying. It would be nice if it were a perfect world and no one ever got pregnant under bad circumstances and if no one ever had a life and health-threatening pregnancy. But that is just not the case. In the real world bad things happen, and I'd much rather save a living woman's life, health and sanity than I would a potential life. Yes, it's a horrible choice, but I think it should be a CHOICE.

I'm pro-life and I'm appalled. His life was precious too.

I found your words that you want to be with people who understand Wichita interesting. I spent my first 18-ish years there and I do NOT believe I understand Wichita. Or maybe I understand it and think there's no hope for it. I left and went far away.

I don't like going back to visit. I like my family, but I don't understand Wichita at all. I guess it shows my limitations, but I just can't understand how people can be that scared of something different, and I want to stick my fingers in my ears and say LALALALALA when forced to think about it.

People who want to take medical decisions out of the hands of the patient and their doctors make me crazy... hey I know let's let Congress vote on what treatment is right for you when you're diagnosed with cancer, or diabetes. Surely Congress can make the best decision for you... all that medical school and training is just for show.

Sorry to rant, but I'm married to a doctor and to imply that he, or his colleagues do anything other than try to help people infuriates me.

Well said, as always, Jo.

Thank you Jo. And thank you Sarcasticarrie for mentioning Heartbreaking Choice. I'm a member of that board, and of that horrible club of women that have to turn to doctors like Dr. Tiller to end a much wanted pregnancy due to my child carrying a fatal genetic disorder. I know several women who travelled to Kansas and every single one of them spoke of Dr. Tiller as a kind and loving man. I can't stand how his murder is being lauded and applauded in the anti-choice community. I feel personally assaulted with every ugly comment I read. My heart is sad and I worry so much for the women that were to receive his services this week and the weeks to come.

This whole thing has me so angry/distraught.

I don't believe that Christians/Catholics are stupid or that they're ignorant. I believe that they're devout, and I am OK with that - as long as they're OK that I'm not.

But what I can't understand is how they fail to understand this simple, logical train of thought: this country was conceived in opposition to countries that acted as religious states. Our forefathers left England BECAUSE it was a religious country.

In order to stop the tyrrany they saw in England, they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to specifically state that this country is areligious. Our constitution strictly states that we are not a religious state. And the First Amended specifically prohibits laws that dictate a preference for one religion over another, or for any religion at all.

People who believe that abortion is murder believe that because of their religious ideology. So WHY do we have to have the discussion about whether abortion should be legal? Legislating anti-abortion laws is the same as legislating religion unless, and until, someone can scientifically demonstrate that those aborted fetuses are "humans" or "babies" or whatever we're calling them now.

Hi, I am a fellow Wichita person. I was pointed this way from Cecily's blog. I am so shocked and saddened that this has happened...Not totally unexpected but such a great loss for our city. As a foster/adoptive mom I look forward to the day that society is concerned as much for the born abused, disabled or minority children as they are for the unborn babies.

I thought I liked your blog, then I read your recent posts and realized I really really like your blog.

Thanks for keeping vocal. I need to do so as well, you remind me.

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